Getting the information in

‘Getting the information in’ depends on focused attention and so any of the suggestions for improving attention may assist with input of information into memory.

New learning should be reviewed on the same day; then several times a week for the first weeks then weekly until you feel the information is in your child’s memory.

Use short regular periods of practice and revision rather than longer less frequent practice i.e. it is more effective to practice sight words for 5 minutes once or twice a day than for an hour once a week.

The more meaningful the information is for the child the easier it will be to remember. Link new learning to things the child already knows or has experienced.

Rehearse new information in a number of ways: verbally, visually, out-loud, in pictures etc.

Wherever possible learn through hands-on experience.

Seat the child close to the teacher in the classroom so instructions can be repeated easily without singling out the child.