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Every family operates as a unit and your child’s epilepsy will likely have an impact on every member of the family.

The diagnosis of epilepsy may work to strengthen relationships within the family as everyone joins together to support the child and each other.

At different times the epilepsy may be a cause of stress for family members and the strain within the family can seem enormous. Stress can come from the day to day management of appointments and medication routines, life changes, and fear of seizures or seizure related consequences. It can come from financial pressures related to specialist appointments or equipment, or changes in working arrangements to support your child.

It can also be a source of stress when different family members are at different stages of accepting the diagnosis.

Click on the video to hear from Lyn Worsley, Clinical Psychologist Family Therapist and creator of The Resilience Donut, about the impact epilepsy can have on the family

The impact on the family

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