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Education and Training

A key priority for Epilepsy Action Australia is delivering the very best education and training nationwide to those individuals with epilepsy, their families and the wide network of people such as community workers and healthcare professionals who care for them.

While we are incredibly proud of our heritage as the oldest provider of epilepsy services in this country, we recognise how important it is to adopt the latest technology and explore the most innovative service delivery tools.

We have an extensive number of online tools and resources to deliver flexible, user friendly educational and training options. In particular our Online Academy is a national platform providing vital and practical information and real-time learning in the form of tailored courses on epilepsy.

Catering to a Wide Variety of Audiences

Our commitment to building a better future for all Australians with epilepsy is to provide programs, training and education that cater specifically to a wide variety of audiences to ensure they feel confident in their direct interactions with people who have epilepsy. This includes parents and family members, teachers, carers, and employers right through to allied health professionals, specialists, general practitioners, aged and disability workers and nurses. We also have courses and resources tailored for specific groups such as indigenous Australians, and specific age-groups, such as seniors, children, teenagers and young adults.

Building Knowledge and Skills

Our services aim to reduce risks and safety hazards associated with epilepsy and seizures, and increase general awareness to reduce widespread stigma. They include:

  • an Online Academy for individual self-paced learning
  • group training for schools, disability organisations and the community
  • workshops, seminars and webinars tailored to specific needs
  • emergency medication training.