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In addition to the medical team working with your child, a number of other professionals are able to assist you and your child throughout the school years.

Occupational Therapy: The Occupational Therapy Australia website includes a list of OTs. Search under Paediatrics and Learning Disabilities.

Psychology: The website of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) has a list of private psychologists with different specialisations. The areas that may be of most relevance include Clinical Neuropsychology, Counselling Psychology and Educational and Developmental Psychology.

Counselling: The register for the Australian Counselling Association includes details of associated counsellors. Relationships Australia also provides individual and group counselling services.

Public Health System: Discuss your wish to see an occupational therapist, psychologist or counsellor with your child’s GP or specialist. They may be able to help you find public funded options refer you to a professional covered by Medicare or the chronic disease management rebate.

Medicare and Private Health Insurance Rebates: Depending on your level of health cover you may be entitled to allied health services such as occupational therapy, psychology and counselling. Speak with your provider for details.

Education System: Your child should be able to access learning and support services through the school system. Depending on the school you may be able to access counselling, psychology and occupational therapy. Make an appointment to speak with your child’s teacher about your concerns, and to begin discussions about development of your child’s Individual Educational Plan.

Children and Parent Disability Services. This page provides links to a range of child and parent disability services, resources and support organisations.