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Seizure Monitors & Wearable Technology

Embrace – Empatica

The Embrace watch, is a medical-quality wearable smartwatch to help detect seizures and monitor activity and sleep. The Embrace watch is linked to the wearer’s mobile device with a Bluetooth® connection. This connection allows Empatica’s systems to analyze the information and detect unusual events like convulsive seizures in real-time and alert family members and caregivers who can then intervene.

You can check your entire day at a glance in an easy to understand way. Not only during exercise, but also at work, during your commute, during the night. You can customise it to suit your needs and behaviour. To make sure you have a compatible smartphone or tablet, please visit here: Compatible smartphones or tablets.

You can purchase your own Embrace Empatica watch today for only US $249. Delivery is generally about one week. To order an Embrace Empatica, please visit their website at https://www.empatica.com/. Please note that this product now attracts a monthly fee.

To receive 8% off the purchase price of the Empatica Embrace, please apply the following code at checkout:  EpAcAU18.


SmartWatch is an easy to use, non-invasive wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive shaking.

The SmartWatch is a wrist watch that is worn like any other watch but its unique features help monitor  and detect any abnormal patterns in your movement such as those experienced in an epileptic seizure. In the event that abnormal motion is detected, the watch triggers the accompanying smartphone app to send SOS alerts out to one or several defined SOS contacts.

Within seconds, family members receive the SmartWatch alerts, which include the date, time, location and duration of the event. Alerts can be sent to any phone, anywhere. SmartWatch users can also summon help with the push of a button.

To place and order for a Silver or Gold Smart, please visit http://smart-monitor.com/order/.

To ensure you receive the prices above, make sure you enter the Promo Code EPAAU15 when placing your order.

My Medic Watch 

My Medic Watch are lifesaving apps that help coordinate immediate assistance when you experience a fall or a seizure by alerting caregivers and loved ones with your status and GPS location. Continue to live your life the way you want, knowing that immediate security and protection is wrapped around your wrist

My Medic Watch App

Smart Detection

As soon as a fall or a seizure occurs, My Medic Watch apps detects it using Smartwatch sensors and an accurate algorithm. The app then sends notification and your GPS location to the nominated caregivers based on workflows of escalation. You can have up to five caregivers.  Caregivers will automatically notify every other caregiver and the watch wearer that they are on their way to help if you experience a fall or seizure. All caregivers are sent update of the progress, keeping everyone informed and reassured. You can cancel your request for help if you are safe.

Real Time Data

Included in your subscription is access to real time data of all your medical episodes. You can choose to give access to your doctors as well if you want, so that they can review your medical conditions.

Go to My Medic Watch to view a video about how it works.


Life Minder

The Life Minder is a wearable device that detects the sudden impact of a fall and can alert up to 3 programmed mobile devices. Please note, it does not detect movements such as shaking or jerking. The 3 programmed mobiles receive an SMS alerting them via Google Maps, the location of the person. It can also be used as a SOS alert option.

The Life Minder is in fact a mobile phone that has all of the complicated features taken out to make it easy to use. Any mobile that knows the Life Minder number, can call it for a hands-free conversation.
It is IP67 water resistant and there can be used under the shower.

To receive 10% off the purchase price of the Life Minder product, please apply the following code at the checkout: ACTION10

To find out more information, please visit http://www.lifeminder.com.au/product/the-life-minder/

LiveLife Mobile Alarm

emergency mobile medical alert system with alert pendant

LiveLife Mobile Alarm

The Live Life Mobile Alarm is a waterproof pendant you can wear wherever you go.

When you need help all you have to do is press the button and the pendant will text and call up to 5 emergency contacts (can include 000). Any number can be programmed. There are no monthly monitoring fees. No need for the wearer to check prepaid, mobile credit.

Your exact location on Google Maps (GPS Tracking)

Each text message to those people will show their exact location on Google Maps using the built-in GPS. When the call from the pendant is answered they can speak and listen ‘hands free’ through their pendant.

Automatic fall detection

Clever automatic fall detection is also built in, meaning when a serious fall occurs the pendant will send out ‘fall alert’ texts and then begins to call family/friends. At any time a family member, caregiver or health professional can call the pendant and speak to the wearer. By doing this they can reassure them if they are hurt and pass on medical information to first responders who may have arrived at the location.

Watch this short video to show you how it works

Do you have an NDIS Package or Care Package Funds that you would like to purchase a

LiveLife alarm with? Please contact one of our friendly staff for further information or forward this email to your care provider/ plan manager to purchase on your behalf .

**For invoicing and quote requests related to NDIS and home care package funding please follow the link https://livelifealarms.com.au/ndis/ alternatively you can email [email protected] to arrange an alarm.

For general public and independent purchases (not through NDIS or home care package) an order can be placed online www.livelifealarms.com.au/product/order-mobile-alarm or contact our office to place an order over the phone 1800 936 774.


Nikki G’s Temperature Control Clothing®​

Assists children and adults to balance their own body temperature. Using proactive temperature regulating technology this clothing continuously balances temperature changes day and night, reducing overheating and temperature swings.

For more go to: http://nikkigs.com.au/


Vigil-Aide Epilepsy Alarm

Seizures during sleep can sometimes pose a real risk for the person with epilepsy, particularly if they are severe. The Vigil-Aide Convulsion Monitor can alert family and carers that the person is having a seizure, and they can be attended to in a short space of time.

The tremendous peace of mind this product delivers makes it well worth the investment.

  • The alarm is suitable for the monitoring of epilepsy where occur at night in bed.
  • It is now available for use on very small children or where only trembling occurs.
  • Depending on the time delay set in the alarm unit, the alarm is generated within a few seconds of the start of an attack.
  • The alarm will work on almost all types of beds.
  • Two ranges are available for the alarm, 20 to 30 metres and up to 150 metres.
  • The alarm can also be worn during the daytime to monitor a person in their daily activities.

The alarm can be purchased outright or can be rented over a 12 month or 24 month period with a residual at the end of the rental period.

For more information
Phone: 0418 857 857

Website: http://www.dctassociates.com.au/convul.htm


Epilepsy Safe Bed

Epi Assist

The Emfit Epileptic Sensor Mat is a bed monitoring system that will monitor a sleeping adult or child’s convulsive seizures from under the mattress. The Emfit Safe-bed is the first alarm that detects both the person’s tonic-clonic seizures which occur in bed and the person’s bed-exit with the same sensor.  New, patented sensor technology detects all of a person’s movements while distinguishing normal movements from seizures with muscle jerks.

Emfit Safe-bed also notices the presence and absence of a person.  It alarms when the person has the clonic phase of a tonic-clonic seizure and when the person leaves the bed and does not return within a preset time.  It has an audible alarm with adjustable volume and dry-contact relay output for connection to a nurse call system such as the BluePhone system sold by Epi-Assist.

For more information

Epi-Assist Australia Pty Ltd

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.epiassist.com.au

Drop Support

This is a new product designed to make it safer for people who have falls and drop attacks. The Drop Support harness is a unique, upper body harness that wraps around the user’s waist, chest and torso, with an attached central handle running the length of the torso. The support handle is a point of contact between the user of the harness and the person assisting the user

This is what makes Drop Support unique. The support handle, located on the back, sits vertical, and not horizontal, like a standard gait belt. The vertical handle provides the assistant with a better means of controlling and managing the user’s directional motion.

The vertical Support Handle isn’t the only thing unique about Drop Support. The added support straps over the shoulder’s and chest area help the assistant in better managing and stopping forward falls. Another benefit of the Support Handle is that it sits higher up the back, and is more accessible when the user is seated. No need to go digging all the way down the back to find a waist belt.

Epilepsy Harenss

Designed and produced by someone who has a family member with epilepsy – and drop attacks (tonic and atonic seizures), Drop Support is unique in that it secures the user’s whole upper body, with one centralised point of contact. It’s this point of contact that enables  full fall support for the whole upper body, and the ability to re-stabilise the person, lessening the likelihood of injury.

Drop Support aims to try to support those that are unable to support themselves, by providing family members, caregivers, and practitioners another means of supporting their loved ones during a fall.

For 30% discount (Australian users) use the Promo Code: DROP30

​For more information go to https://www.dropsupports.com/ 




Identification Products


Medical Wristbands provide peace of mind so that when the unexpected happens, critical medical information will be conveyed to the people that need to know. Protect family, loved ones, and yourself.

  • Insure against incorrect diagnosis
  • Raise awareness of conditions
  • Vital information to help others help you

There are products for conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy, drug allergies to medications such as penicillin and food allergies to products such as peanuts, dairy and eggs. So whether you need an allergy bracelet, a general medical bracelet or other medical alert jewellery, there is all this and more in stock.

Mediband offers an extensive and ever-expanding range of medical wristbands. They are fun to wear, look great, and the trendy designs mean they’re more likely to be worn and fun for kids.
Click here to order your Mediband products.




Medication Reminders

Tab Timer

Tab Timer supplies medication reminder devices; Pill Reminder, Pill Dispenser, Pill Timer, Vibrating Watches and Vibrating Clocks (Bed Shakers) to help keep medications on time at tab time.

TabTimer products can be used as reminders for taking regular medications or vitamins at tab time, as well as a reminder for any regular task. Tab Timer reminders are particularly useful for people on strict medication schedules for use as a pill timer or pill reminder.

People living with any health condition that requires timely administration of pills, tablets, vitamins and medications – find that using a medication reminder, pill reminder, pill timer, pill dispenser, vibrating watch, or vibrating bed shaker clock – helps in their administration and organisation of medication and regular tasks.

For more information
Phone: 1300 TAB TIMER (1300 822 846)
Website: www.tabtimer.com.au



General Products


Feel safer and confident with your fashionable soft protection helmet. Dejay Medical have a range of baseball caps and beanie’s to help protect your head whilst still looking cool!

There are many different types of beanies or baseball caps.

For more information go to Dejay Medical


Epilepsy Wellbeing Map

This map is a tool to help you to prepare for consultations with your health care team, so that you can help them understand how living with epilepsy impacts you. The map allows you to receive most aspects of living with epilepsy and record how they impact your overall wellbeing.
To access the Epilepsy Wellbeing Map, please visit: http://www.epilepsywellbeing.com.au/


Seizure Diary

This compact (9cm x 15cm) seizure diary is small enough to carry with you in your pocket or handbag and provides tables where you can record the date, time, length and comments regarding each seizure. This diary is a useful tool to track your seizures and to use in discussions with your doctor.

To order please email Epilepsy Action Australia at [email protected]