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Please note: Monitors, alarms and safety products don’t guarantee safety or detection of all seizures, but they can provide peace of mind for some people.

This list is not exhaustive, there are also other products available. Epilepsy Action Australia does not stock or sell these products.

For additional information or advice about these products, please contact the company directly.

Seizure Monitors & Wearable Technology

The Embrace2 watch, is a medical-quality wearable smartwatch to help detect seizures and monitor activity and sleep. It is linked to the wearer’s mobile device with a Bluetooth® connection. This connection allows detection of unusual events like convulsive seizures in real-time and alert family members and caregivers who can then intervene.

You can check your entire day at a glance.  You can customise it to suit your needs and behaviour. To make sure you have a compatible smartphone or tablet, please visit here: Compatible smartphones or tablets.

Wondering if the watch is what you need? Go to Empatica to learn more.

You can purchase your own Embrace2 watch today for US $249 plus a subscription plan. *Please note that this product attracts a monthly fee.

To order an Embrace2, please visit their website at https://www.empatica.com/.

To receive 8% off the purchase price of the Empatica2 Embrace, please apply the following code at checkout:


Apple Watch Series 8 offers tools for health and wellness, including an electrical heart sensor and ECG app, and a blood oxygen sensor and app which means it can monitor your heart rate and measure blood oxygen levels. Apple watch (from series 4 upwards) can send a notification if heart rate goes out of range, but not an alarm or alert. It can also detect falls and notify your emergency contacts with your location. The sleep app can also keep track of your sleep patterns.

For more information about this read here Apple Watch ECG Availability In Australia 

Advanced health sensors in Apple Watch Series 8 provide insights to help you better understand your health.

*For (convulsive) seizure detection a seizure alerting app will need to be used. These have an associated monthly fee.

Watch Prices: Start at $629

For more information go to Apple website

Which Apple watch is right for you? Compare here



The NightWatch consists of a comfortable wireless armband that closely monitors heart rate and motion while the wearer is lying in bed. When the NightWatch detects a seizure, a warning is transmitted to a caregiver via a wireless signal to the armband’s corresponding base station.

The NightWatch is easy to use, can be used in a home or professional setting and works stand-alone or with existing systems. View the brochure here

Price: AUD $2490

For more information go to NightWatch 

Sold in Australia by Seizure Alert Australia

SAMi: The Sleep Activity Monitor

The SAMi Alert system is a sleep activity monitor for individuals who need to be watched for unusual movements at night.

A SAMi system setup in a bedroom will provide you with time-stamped recordings of movements at night – and you can choose for it to sound an alert for you if anything unusual is detected. You can then review them and if necessary, share any important ones with your specialist.

Works with iOS devices: Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad

Price: AUD $650

Sold in Australia by Seizure Alert Australia.

Epilepsy Safe-Bed Under Mattress Sensor

The Emfit Epileptic Sensor Mat is a bed monitoring system that will monitor a sleeping adult or child’s convulsive seizures from under the mattress. It can detect both the person’s tonic-clonic seizures and if the person leaves the bed, with the same sensor.

It alarms when the person has convulsive movements and when the person falls out of, or leaves the bed and does not return within a preset time.

Prices start at AUD $989

For more information go to  www.epiassist.com.au or phone 1800 684 422

Detect & raise an alarm as a seizure occurs. The SeizureAlert Mat can detect seizure movement and also sound.

The Cura1 SeizureAlert is easily installed and Economical (no ongoing costs or consumables).

With battery backup and minimal false alarms, it connects easily with alarm devices and can be plugged into a nurse call system’s bedside call point for nurse call connectivity.

Prices start at $764

For more information go to https://safelife.com.au/product-category/seizure-alert-device-australia/ 


Wearable absence seizure tracker. Signal, video-record and log absence seizures in real-time.

Subscription includes Easy-to-use EEG headset and Epihunter Smartphone App (android only).

Your choice of Epihunter Subscription Package duration with options including or excluding a smart phone. All packages include the EEG headband and accessories.

Prices from $790.00 – $1,450.00

Sold in Australia by Seizure Alert Australia

For Babies

This wireless Smart Sock fits snug on your baby’s foot and monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. Owlet is intended to provide peace of mind. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, alleviate, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

Take some of the pressure off yourself by enlisting an extra pair of eyes to watch over your baby while they sleep. Go to Owlet Care

Phone (03) 9588 0999

The Snuza HeroSE baby monitor is a wearable device which attaches to your baby’s nappy and monitors apnoea and abdominal movement. The Snuza Pico 2 also monitors your child’s breathing, plus skin temperature and sleep patterns. Real-time insights and alerts are sent to your phone.

You will be alerted if abdominal movement is weak or less than eight movements per minute. If there is no abdominal movement for 15 seconds it will vibrate in an effort to rouse your baby to resume abdominal movement. Often the vibration is enough to rouse the infant, however, after three vibration/rousing incidents, a rouse warning will alert you that movement has stopped for 15 seconds on three occasions. If an additional 5 seconds of no abdominal movement is detected a sharp audible alarm will sound.

Price: Snuza HeroSE AUD $145, Snuza Pico 2 AUD $249

Go to Snuza.com to find a store near you.

iBaby is an app-based video monitor, Wi-Fi compatible, which allow parents to see and listen to their little ones straight from their smartphone. Using the latest technology, it compresses the file size and bandwidth to provide the high-quality video and audio without lags or delays.

Price: There are a number of different options ranging from about $80-$200. Shipped from the USA.

For more go to iBaby 

Some seizures have little or no movement or sound and can only be detected with oxygen desaturation.

A Pulse Oximeter can be used for continuous monitoring of heart rate and oxygen saturation measurements for adult, paediatric and neonates. There are many different varieties of pulse oximeters available online. Speak to your GP or neurologist for suggestions.

Falls and Identification Products

Epilepsy Harenss

Designed and produced by someone who has a family member with epilepsy – and drop attacks (tonic and atonic seizures), Drop Support is unique in that it secures the user’s whole upper body, with one centralised point of contact. It’s this point of contact that enables full fall support for the whole upper body, and the ability to re-stabilise the person, lessening the likelihood of injury.

Drop Support aims to try to support those that are unable to support themselves, by providing family members, caregivers, and practitioners another means of supporting their loved ones during a fall. ​For more information go to https://www.dropsupports.com/ 

Sold in Australia by Seizure Alert Australia

This personal alarm system offers a fall detection feature, that sends text messages to five contacts. When it detects a fall, it will beep for a short time before sending the SMS and then beginning the help call sequence, great for access to emergency contacts.

The personal alarms enable the user to activate an emergency text message via a single push of the SOS button. Up to 5 nominated mobile numbers are sent an alert text message notifying the recipient of the emergency and GPS location.

Go to Keep Track GPS  or Phone 08 9521 4325

The Life Minder is a wearable device that detects the sudden impact of a fall and can alert up to 3 programmed mobile devices. Please note, it does not detect movements such as shaking or jerking. The 3 programmed mobiles receive an SMS alerting them via Google Maps, the location of the person. It can also be used as a SOS alert option.

The Life Minder is in fact a mobile phone that has all of the complicated features taken out to make it easy to use. Any mobile that knows the Life Minder number, can call it for a hands-free conversation.

It is IP67 water resistant and there can be used under the shower.

To receive 10% off the purchase price of the Life Minder product, please apply the following code at the checkout: ACTION10

To find out more information, please visit Life Minder  or phone 1800 684 422

The new 2022 4GX model Live Life Mobile Alarm is a waterproof pendant you can wear wherever you go. When you need help all you have to do is press the button and the pendant will text and call up to 5 emergency contacts (can include 000). Any number can be programmed. There are no monthly monitoring fees. No need for the wearer to check prepaid, mobile credit.

Each text message to those people will show their exact location on Google Maps using the built-in GPS. When the call from the pendant is answered they can speak and listen ‘hands free’ through their pendant.

Clever automatic fall detection is also built in, meaning when a serious fall occurs the pendant will send out ‘fall alert’ texts and then begins to call family/friends. At any time a family member, caregiver or health professional can call the pendant and speak to the wearer. By doing this they can reassure them if they are hurt and pass on medical information to first responders who may have arrived at the location.

Watch this short video to show you how it works

**For invoicing and quote requests related to NDIS and home care package funding please follow the link https://livelifealarms.com.au/quote-request

Alternatively you can email: admin@livelifealarms.com.au 

For general public and independent purchases an order can be placed online at Live Life Alarms or phone 1800 936 774

The Safe Life 4G SOS Personal Alarm has many features. Press the SOS button and the device will send out an SMS message to up to 10 pre-programmed mobile phone numbers. This will alert your carer network you need help. The SMS message will also inform the carers where you are located using Google Maps. When the caregiver responds by calling into the pendant, this incoming call will answer in speaker phone mode automatically, without the user needing to push any buttons.

Prices start at $447.00

For more information go to https://safelife.com.au/product-category/personal-alarms/

Medication Devices

MAD SyringeThese devices are used to easily and quickly administer intranasal midazolam in seizure emergencies.

The MAD(R) is used for delivery of atomised medication (midazolam) into the nose for fast absorption. It delivers the medication in a safe and effective manner with no needles, a consistent, reliable spray and will work in any position.




Buy here: Mucosal Atomisation Nasal Device  

See our Midazolam Factsheet for more information

VNS MagnetVNS Therapy Magnet works to start an extra dose of stimulation or stop stimulation of your VNS device to temporarily control side effects of the therapy. This may stop the seizure, shorten the seizure, decrease the intensity of the seizure or shorten the recovery period following the seizure.

The magnet can also be used to stop the stimulation function for the time it is held over the generator.

For more, go to our shop to purchase here

Tab Timer supplies medication reminder devices; Pill Reminder, Pill Dispenser, Pill Timer, Vibrating Watches and Vibrating Clocks (Bed Shakers) to help keep medications on time at tab time.

TabTimer products can be used as reminders for taking regular medications or vitamins at tab time, as well as a reminder for any regular task. Tab Timer reminders are particularly useful for people on strict medication schedules for use as a pill timer or pill reminder.

People living with any health condition that requires timely administration of pills, tablets, vitamins and medications – find that using a medication reminder, pill reminder, pill timer, pill dispenser, vibrating watch, or vibrating bed shaker clock – helps in their administration and organisation of medication and regular tasks.

For more information
Phone: 1300 TAB TIMER (1300 822 846)

General Products

ATO Starlight series head protectors are available in a wide variety of styles and colours for many different circumstances.

For more information go to Australian distributer Wila Innovations

or phone (02) 9674 5315 mobile 0427-017 177, email: whartog@wila-products.com.au

Breathe-zy Anti-Suffocation Pillow

The Breathe-zy Anti-Suffocation Pillow is a porous pillow which is designed to be breathable, practical and comfortable. The covers are all machine washable. The pillow may assist in the prevention of SUDEP or suffocation.

For more information or to purchase the pillow in Australia go to DoAbility or  Seizure Alert Australia.

The most “Breathable” pillow available. This pillow is designed to prioritise safety by using highly breathable, hypoallergenic materials. SleepSure has also implemented rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure compliance with safety standards and is now the only anti-suffocation pillow registered with the TGA as a class one medical device, providing peace of mind to users and their families.

For more information go to Seizure Alert Australia

Feel safer and confident with your fashionable soft protection helmet. Dejay Medical have a range of baseball caps and beanie’s to help protect your head whilst still looking cool! There are many different types of beanies or baseball caps.

For more information go to Dejay Medical

Assists children and adults to balance their own body temperature. Using proactive temperature regulating technology this clothing continuously balances temperature changes day and night, reducing overheating and temperature swings.

For more go to: http://nikkigs.com.au/

From a range of neck tie cooling collars to a range of unique Australian designed Cool Hats with magic Cool Pads, Chill Sleeves, Cool Cloths, Chilly Pashmina Cooling Towel Wraps.

Go to Cool Hats 

Phone 1300 820 708

Provide products for watersports such as lifejackets and head supports.

Registered NDIS provider.

Medical wristbands or bracelets provide peace of mind so that when the unexpected happens, critical medical information will be conveyed to the people that need to know. Mediband offers an extensive range of medical wristbands. Prices start from $5

For more information go to  Mediband

QR coded MyIDMyID medical alerts

MyID medical alerts can be scanned by a QR code reader. This is medical ID where you are in control of your online Emergency & Medical information, including your photo. Your medical conditions, personal details, emergency contacts, allergies, medications, doctors and specialist details – you enter & update any information you want.

Discover the Best Medical ID Bracelet in Australia. Australian based, explore Auswara’s selection of fashionable, affordable, and functional medical ID bracelet options designed for men, women, and kids. Our range features trendy styles and comfortable materials, perfect for meeting your unique needs.

For 15% off use code: EPILEPSYACTION

This map is a tool to help you to prepare for consultations with your health care team, so that you can help them understand how living with epilepsy impacts you. The map allows you to receive most aspects of living with epilepsy and record how they impact your overall wellbeing.
To access the Epilepsy Wellbeing Map, please visit: http://www.epilepsywellbeing.com.au/

This compact (9cm x 15cm) seizure diary is small enough to carry with you in your pocket or handbag and provides tables where you can record the date, time, length and comments regarding each seizure. This diary is a useful tool to track your seizures and to use in discussions with your doctor.

To order please email Epilepsy Action Australia at epilepsy@epilepsy.org.au


Seer Medical


Seer Health has launched an app which is a world first, being able to forecast seizure risk for people with epilepsy. The Seer app relies on a history of recorded events to indicate when you might be more or less likely to have a seizure by identifying individual seizure cycles. Research has confirmed that seizures occur in rhythmic cycles — even without a person noticing — and that these cycles are common for people with all types of epilepsy.

This is called seizure forecasting and is similar to how a weather forecast can tell us if we should expect rain or shine. This new technology is a powerful tool for planning activities and managing life with epilepsy.

The app can also be linked to a Fitbit device which provides additional data, such as heart rate and sleep patterns, that help to improve the accuracy of your seizure risk.

It is available now for free for Android and iOS.

Click here for more information

My Medic Watch are lifesaving apps that help coordinate immediate assistance when you experience a fall or a seizure by alerting caregivers and loved ones with your status and GPS location. Continue to live your life the way you want, knowing that immediate security and protection is wrapped around your wrist

My Medic Watch App

Smart Detection

As soon as a fall or a seizure occurs, My Medic Watch apps detects it using Smartwatch sensors and an accurate algorithm. The app then sends notification and your GPS location to the nominated caregivers based on workflows of escalation. You can have up to five caregivers.  Caregivers will automatically notify every other caregiver and the watch wearer that they are on their way to help if you experience a fall or seizure. All caregivers are sent update of the progress, keeping everyone informed and reassured. You can cancel your request for help if you are safe.

Real Time Data

Included in your subscription is access to real time data of all your medical episodes. You can choose to give access to your doctors as well if you want, so that they can review your medical conditions.

Go to My Medic Watch to view a video about how it works. 

SeizAlarm is a user-friendly iPhone and Apple Watch app which allow people with epilepsy and other seizure disorders to alert emergency contacts automatically when seizure-like motion is detected or manually if they need immediate help or think they might need help soon.

SmartWatch Inspyre™ is an app by Smart Monitor which detects repetitive shaking motion and signals the user’s device (iPhone or Android phone) to alert designated caregivers. Users can also summon help with the push of a button.

It is both Android and iOS compatible and has a subscription plan. You can purchase your own smart watch or buy one from Smart Monitor. To place and order for a Silver or Gold Smart, please click here

Please contact Smart Monitor at info@smart-monitor.com for the appropriate subscription agreement and shipping quote. Toll Free phone 1888 334 5045

Price: Annual subscription fees start at US$119 but can be as high as $599

Make sure you enter the Promo Code EPAAU15 when placing your order.

Save the app that could save your life

Encourage children to learn about dialing triple zero in an emergency situation. Children can also learn their address and how to make a 000 call on a locked phone. Have a look – click here