Participate in Research

Participate in Research

Exciting new partnership with HealthMatch

Epilepsy Action Australia has joined forces with HealthMatch – a clinical trial matching platform, designed to make accessing clinical trials much easier for patients.

HealthMatch aims to dramatically accelerate patient recruitment, and progress life-saving cures onto the market faster than existing practices allow.

“At HealthMatch we believe that all patients should have access to every treatment option available to them. This includes clinical trials, which give patients access to new potential cures and medical breakthroughs.

This is why at HealthMatch we have developed a mobile app that allows patients to find clinical trials in the fastest and simplest way possible. A simple tool that matches patients in real-time to clinical trails tailored to their profile.

It’s never been easier to take control of your own health and ensure you have access to the latest advances in medicine.”

To find out more about HealthMatch or to register visit their website by clicking the logo below:

Expanding Medical Knowledge

Many people like to participate in research studies knowing that they are helping others by increasing the medical understanding of epilepsy, how seizures are treated and its impact on the lives of those who have the condition and their families.

In Australia there are strict rules governing human and animal research activities and approval through a recognised ethics committee is needed to ensure there is minimal risk to the participant and potential benefit to the community from the findings.

Before you commit to participating in a clinical trial, it is best to be fully informed about the objectives of the research, what is expected of you and any risks and potential inconveniences that may be experienced during and after the trial.

There are many different types of clinical research studies that may or may not be of direct benefit to you and these include: