Participate in Research

Participate in Research

Before participating in any research study requiring you to change or add to your current antiseizure medication regime, please consult your neurologist or treating doctor to assess the individual risks of possible medication interactions or exacerbation of seizure activity.

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HealthMatch is an Australian health technology company designed to help patients directly access clinical trials. Epilepsy Action Australia has partnered with HealthMatch to provide members with easy access to the latest clinical trials being conducted throughout Australia.

You can sign up, select your condition, create a profile and answer a simple questionnaire to determine if you are eligible for any currently recruiting clinical trials. The platform allows users to create a profile which means that when new trials become available, you will automatically be notified of these opportunities.

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Types of Research

Epilepsy Research

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Epilepsy Research

Making Everyday Memory Optimal

Feel like you need help with your memory?  You’re not alone. Many people with acquired brain injuries notice memory difficulties.


We are developing a computer-based training program aimed at helping people like you, and we could use your input. If you are an adult (over the age of 18) with an acquired brain injury and have concerns about your memory, you might be eligible to try out this new program for free.

What’s involved: attending one-hour, group-based teleconferencing (Zoom) sessions (one per week, for six weeks) with an expert clinician; viewing short educational videos (and trying out some quiz questions); practicing computer-based exercises; receiving feedback.  Throughout this process, we will be collecting information on how the program works and asking for your opinions.

If you’d like to get involved, contact us via email [email protected] and we will be in touch.

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Research study on the current management of Post-Traumatic Epilepsy: Recruiting now

This research study aims to explore the experiences of people diagnosed with post-traumatic epilepsy and managing their condition. We are seeking people aged 18 years or over who have had a traumatic brain injury and in addition a diagnosis of epilepsy (e.g. have taken one prescribed anti-seizure medication) within the last five years. We will not be involving people who have only had seizures within 24 hours to one week of their traumatic brain injury, which resolved following treatment.

Participants will be involved in a single videoconference or telephone interview in which you will be asked questions about your experiences, expectations and thoughts with managing post-traumatic epilepsy. Questions will also explore your healthcare experiences, how your epilepsy is currently managed and discuss what your needs are to optimally manage epilepsy following a traumatic brain injury. Your next of kin or caregiver is also welcome to join the interview.

The interviews will be approximately 30 – 45 minutes in duration at a time that is convenient for you.

Participation in this research is voluntary and we thank you for your time.

If you are interested in being a part of this study, please contact Dr Loretta Piccenna (by email – [email protected] or by phone (03) 9903 0879) who can provide you with further details or answer any questions that you might have.

MUHREC project ID (31853), and project title – “Current management of Post-Traumatic Epilepsy – a qualitative evaluation”


Help design a seizure prediction device!

We are designing an EEG monitoring device for seizure prediction and would like your help to understand users’ needs and requirements!


If you have epilepsy or are a family member or a caregiver of someone with epilepsy, we are interested to hear your opinions.

As a participant, you will be asked to complete a short online survey and take part in an interview via Zoom. The study takes 40 minutes to complete. This study is conducted by a research team at the School of Computer Science.

To participate, please contact Adele Tong on [email protected]

Understanding Personalisation Needs of Wearable EEG Sensors through Online Semi-structured Interviews. Version 2.0 – 24/03/22

Online Survey: currently recruiting

Examining the efficacy of an online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) – based self-management program for adults with neurological disorders

Macquarie University’s eCentreClinic is looking for adults with epilepsy to take part in a free online course to help Australians with neurological conditions learn to manage:

  • Stress, anxiety, frustration and worry.
  • Low mood, sadness, grief and depression.
  • Day-to-day mental or cognitive activities.
  • Day-to-day physical activities.

Click here to find out more about this Wellbeing Neuro Course and current research trial

Medicinal Cannabis


Expanding Medical Knowledge

Many people like to participate in research studies knowing that they are helping others by increasing the medical understanding of epilepsy, how seizures are treated and its impact on the lives of those affected by epilepsy.

In Australia there are strict rules governing human and animal research activities. Approval through a recognised ethics committee is needed to ensure there is minimal risk to the participant and potential benefit to the community from the findings.

Before you commit to participating in a clinical trial, it is best to be fully informed about the objectives of the research, what is expected of you and any risks and possible inconveniences that may be experienced during and after the trial.

There are many different types of clinical research studies that may or may not be of direct benefit to you and these include: