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Research Equals Hope

For over 65 years, Epilepsy Action Australia has been at the forefront of partnering and funding research into new interventions and treatments to help improve and save lives.

Research helps to advance knowledge; to improve health; or to find better ways to understand, manage and prevent disease. Epilepsy Action Australia welcomes and supports research that significantly impacts approaches to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy.

We work collaboratively with world-leading medical and academic institutions on innovative research projects such as those exploring the following important areas:

Epilepsy Action Australia has partnered with HealthMatch to provide members with easy access to the latest clinical trials being conducted throughout Australia.

There is no doubt that research into epilepsy is underfunded, but we are committed to raising funding for this crucial area and advancing evidence-based services that target identified patient needs.

As a key focus area, we will continue to fund, develop, facilitate, promote and advocate for research on behalf of all people with epilepsy.