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Membership is available to individuals, aged over 18, and community groups who would like to have a direct say in the governance of Epilepsy Action Australia. The word ‘Action’ in our name aptly describes our ongoing commitment to constantly seek optimal outcomes for those living with epilepsy right across Australia. As a member, you will help play a vital part in supporting this resolve.

For more membership information, see our Constitution.

Valuable membership benefits and entitlements include:

Direct say in the governance of the organisation

Includes invitation to the Annual General Meeting and any extraordinary meetings

Copy of the Annual Report and other resources

Choose to receive our Annual Report in electronic or hard copy format

Receive regular newsletters of your choice such as E360°, Medcan or Taking Action

Keep up-to-date with the latest news on epilepsy, our activities, patient stories and research

Most importantly, you will benefit from knowing that each day you are helping someone with epilepsy lead a better life

Help Us Take Action on Epilepsy

Every action in the present prepares us for the future. Lailah Gifty Akita (inspirational writer and founder of the Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation)

Your annual membership fee of $75 will go towards supporting Epilepsy Action in our quest to help as many people with epilepsy and their families as possible. As Australia’s oldest and largest epilepsy patient support organisation in Australia we focus on the following key areas:

    1. Assistance and Advice – We offer care, information and services needed by those affected by epilepsy, their family and friends, and provide individualised support and self-management plans. 
    2.  Education and Training – As Australia’s leading provider of online courses and self-management resources we meet the learning and training requirements of a diverse range of audiences including children, teenagers, parents, healthcare professionals, teachers, aged care workers and indigenous groups.
    3. Understanding and Awareness – Public awareness and education on epilepsy and how to assist with seizure first aid is our way of combating the stigma and misunderstanding that still surrounds epilepsy in Australia.
    4. Supporting Research – We are at the forefront of partnerships and funding for research into new interventions and treatments including trials of medicinal cannabis to help improve and save lives.

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