Epilepsy and Risk

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Epilepsy, like other long-term conditions such as Asthma or Diabetes comes with certain risks. If left unchecked these can become very serious.

Risks associated with seizures need to be discussed, no matter what type of epilepsy you have because many of these can be modified.

This section is designed to inform you and help you to be able to ask your doctor the right questions.

Learning about your epilepsy and talking about it, is the first step in taking control, managing it well, keeping safe and getting on with your life.

Epilepsy Action Australia, in collaboration with our partner SUDEP Action, has prepared specialised risk information to help you stay safe.

Why is it important to know about risk?

Whether you live with epilepsy, or know someone who does, check out our information pages below to find out what you need to know to help balance risk and living with epilepsy.

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