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School is a positive and stimulating experience for most children, but it can be a challenge for children who are struggling to keep up or understand what is going on in the classroom. This can be the situation for some students with epilepsy.

There are professional services available to support you with helping your child.

In order to participate fully at school – both in the classroom and playground – your child needs to use many different skills.

Occupational therapists Dr Chapparo and Dr Ranka from Sydney University have developed a simple model that can be used to understand the different cognitive, or thinking, skills your child needs to manage at school. These skills need to all work together.

Click on the video to hear an explanation of the model as a way to understand the range of thinking skills needed for full participation at school.

Introducing the PRPP model

If you are not sure how your child is managing in these areas, would like to hear more detail from Dr Chris Chapparo and assess the areas your child may need help with, click on the link below.

Dr Chris Chapparo explains Perceive,Recall, Plan and Perform plus online assessment quiz