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Online Tools

We offer many online tools and resources to improve your knowledge and management of your seizures or other issues you may be experiencing.

To access these tools or resources, click one of the links below:

EpiDiary: a personal online diary app to help you keep track of your epilepsy – putting you in control of your information and helping you keep an accurate record of your seizures, triggers, medications and any other information of relevance. It is easy to register and use.Click here to get started

MedAdvisor: is a medication management app that connects Australians to their local pharmacy or doctor to provide them with real-time visibility of their medications. Available free on mobile and internet devices, MedAdvisor simplifies the complex job of managing multiple medications through a variety of features including reminders and pre-ordering of medications Click here to get started.
Seizure Management Plans (SMP): are documents providing essential information to anyone who may be in a position to assist someone having a seizure – whether that be family, friends, carers, teachers, colleagues or other involved professionals. SMP’s are a practical tool that can be used by all caregivers in all settings to manage seizures and seizure emergencies, treatments and safety. A SMP will help minimise the impact of seizures on the person’s daily life and the risk of injury in the event of a seizure.

If an emergency medication plan is needed we can assist with this as well as offer the necessary training..

We have an online tool where you can create your own SMP Simply register and follow the instructions.


Online Resources

We have developed a number or resources to help gain more knowledge about epilepsy and ways to improve seizure control and quality of life. Many of these resources are for a broad audience while others are targeted toward a more specific audience.
E-quip, An Epilepsy Resource for Youth: Specifically designed for youth, this resource covers topics concerning youth and has a number of videos with young people discussing their experiences.
rEaction: This resource is also aimed at youth with a focus on increasing epilepsy awareness for friends and peers of people with epilepsy.
Strong Foundations: This resource is designed to help parents with a child attending mainstream school to identify if their child is experiencing epilepsy-related learning challenges. It aims to give parents ideas about how to support their child to achieve their potential.
Psychosocial Well-Being for Adults Living with Epilepsy: Living with a chronic health condition such as epilepsy often poses a number of significant challenges which can affect our psychosocial wellbeing. For example, apart from having to manage seizures, many people with epilepsy also have to manage difficulties with memory, social activities, stigma, relationships, employment and driving. Having the right information can make all the difference. This resource is designed to provide you with information you may find helpful for managing psychosocial wellbeing.
Videos: This is a series of recordings of specialists discussing epilepsy topics of interest and answering common questions. Click here to video the range of videos available.

Medikidz: Understanding Epilepsy – new digital comic for children aged between 8-12 years!

Being diagnosed with Epilepsy can be a difficult and confusing time, which is sometimes made worse by a lack of appropriate and understandable medical information.

In partnership with Jumo, we are proud to bring to you a new digital comic book to explain epilepsy to children, as well as their families.

The Understanding Epilepsy comic is based on a real-life family, telling the story of Jonty who is living with Epilepsy. The five Medikidz superhero characters take Jonty on an adventure through the human body to learn all about what’s happening to his body.

To read the Understanding Epilepsy digital comic – click here

You can also order your free printed copy by emailing