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An online community can be a good source of information and discussion where members give suggestions according to their experiences or collaborate. These communities are often a good way to find out about the latest happenings and events.

Epilepsy Action Facebook Group

Connect with others in our online facebook communities.It is a great way to stay connected and hear about upcoming events and programs

Go to our main Facebook page and follow us

Epilepsy in Memoriam – you are not alone

Epilepsy Action Australia has created a new Facebook page called “Epilepsy in Memoriam – you are not alone” dedicated to family and friends who have lost someone dear as a result of epilepsy – to provide an opportunity to honour their loved one as well as connect with others who may have gone or be going through a similar experience. To join click here.

Ted-E-Bear Connection by Epilepsy Action Australia

We have a very special program that brings smiles to the faces of young children affected by epilepsy, along with vital support and information for their families. Our vision is that we can provide a Ted-E-Bear to any child whose life is touched by epilepsy – sometimes this will be a child who is newly diagnosed and other times it will be for a small child who has a parent with epilepsy.

You can also follow all the Ted-E-Bear’s that have been adopted by joining our Facebook page dedicated to Ted-E-Bear Connection by Epilepsy Action Australia.

We also have some more specialised pages for different age groups. Contact us at for further information.

Groups in collaboration with us


Epilepsy Action Australia has joined forces with MyEpilepsyTeam to bring you an online community for people living with epilepsy. is the social network for people living with epilepsy. We believe that if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, it should be easy to connect with others who can share their daily experiences, provide emotional support, and practical insights.

To join, click here


A free service, Healthshare features over 500 Health Challenge and Healthy Living Communities that you can join to access health information, connect with like-minded people, share your health experiences and offer support. Sign up to Healthshare and enjoy the benefits of Healthsharing.


Epilepsy Action Australia has joined forces with Epilepsy Action UK who provide a safe and secure online community for people with epilepsy and carers of people with epilepsy. Anyone over 16 years can joinforum4e, from anywhere in the world.

There are forums, chat rooms, a private messaging system, and each member gets their own ‘blog’ – an online diary that the other members can read.

To access forum4e click here.

Epilepsy Action Australia works in partnership with Livewire, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia. Livewire is anonline community designed just for young people living with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability, and their families. It is a safe online space where members can connect and share experiences with others who understand what they are going through.

There are online communities: one for members – people with chronic illness aged 10-21 years and one for parents.
To join in click here.