Fostering Independence

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From a very young age every child strives for independence. The first steps are small and may include a toddler asserting themselves in what they want to eat, play with or wear. As your child grows older they may push for independence outside the home as well as at home.

For a child to be confident in their developing independence they need:

  • the belief that they are capable to do things on their own and
  • the support to be allowed to try things independently.

When a child has a medical condition such as epilepsy it is understandable that parents can be anxious about ‘letting go’. When your child could potentially have a seizure at any time your response may be to protect them and to always be with them. This is natural.

The challenge for you is to find the balance between supporting your child to believe in their independent capabilities and keeping them safe.

Click on the video to hear Donna Walsh, a parent, speaking about ‘letting go’.

Click on the video to hear from Lyn Worsley, a clinical psychologist who specialises in family therapy and resilience, speaking about the impact of overprotectiveness.

Click on the video to hear from Lyn Worsley speaking about promoting independence.