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Helping Someone Having a Seizure

As seizures are unpredictable and people with epilepsy may not always know when one might happen, making them potentially dangerous.

Seizures mostly run their own course but there are a few things that can help, like keeping the person safe and timing the seizure – particularly protecting the head from injury. It is crucial that during a seizure the person not restrained in any way nothing is put in their mouth. Always make sure someone stays with the person.

It is important for people with epilepsy to tell relevant people such as friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, teachers or coaches, about epilepsy and teach them what to do if a seizure happens.

Develop a Safety Plan

Having a Seizure Management Plans (SMP) readily available—for example at school or the workplace—will help minimise the impact of seizures for the person with epilepsy, and help others to manage seizures appropriately.

A SMP includes detailed information on:

  • emergency contacts
  • seizure and medical history
  • safety and supervision needs
  • instructions about medication (if any)
  • seizure management and first aid.

If an emergency medication plan is needed Epilepsy Action Australia can assist, as well as offer the necessary training for those involved in caring or supporting someone with epilepsy.

Create a Seizure Management Plan

We have an online tool where you can create your own SMPSimply register as an EAA client first, then follow the instructions to create a SMP.

Seizure First Aid Posters

You can print the following posters on A3 paper and put up on a notice board or wall for easy reference at home or work.

What You Can Do to Assist

Watch the animated seizure first-aid videos below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team on 1300 37 45 37 or email [email protected].


Animated Seizure First-Aid video for Children


Animated Seizure First-Aid video for Children (Japanese)

Animated Seizure First-Aid video

Animated Seizure First-Aid video (Arabic)


Animated Seizure First-Aid video (Chinese)

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