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You Are Not Alone

Epilepsy Action Australia’s extensive range of services and practical resources has been built over six decades of listening to and working with people with epilepsy and their families. Last year we delivered services to 5289 people with epilepsy and their families who all rated us above 95% when it came to being happy with how we were able to help them.

Having epilepsy can be a very isolating experience but we want you to know that you are not alone and we are on your side and here for you whenever you need us. No matter what your age, epilepsy situation, or where you live, we can help you with excellent support, information and education. And that especially goes for parents of children or teenagers who may be feeling overwhelmed with all they need to understand and do.

We’ve Got it Covered

We are confident that we have all bases covered to help you self-manage and better understand your condition. This includes the care and advice of our epilepsy nurse educators, seizure management plans, family and community education, online courses, support groups and practical online tools and resources.

It is extremely common for many people to feel anxiety and depression when dealing with the many challenges of living with epilepsy and we offer understanding and real solutions to help you manage your emotions and responses.

Seeking information and connecting to the right support are two of the best ways to look after yourself or a family member with epilepsy. Our care and support are just one phone call or email away, and we would love to hear from you.