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Epilepsy Action Australia is the leading epilepsy advocacy organisation in Australia. We represent the interest of people living with epilepsy by advocating and lobbying the Australian Government for improvements in support for people with epilepsy in the areas of education, health, employment, transport, discrimination and other issues of national concern.

We focus on two main areas

  • Addressing and providing solutions for national issues which are raised by individual people with epilepsy or their families.
  • Identifying the needs of, and working towards improvements in the quality of life for people living with epilepsy and their families.

Epilepsy Action Australia has established relationships with the Australian Government, its departments, other health and disability national bodies, to advocate on issues such as better access to pharmaceuticals, the therapeutic use of cannabis based products, driver’s license standards, and discrimination in the workplace or in everyday life.

Epilepsy Action Australia actively participates and contributes to Federal and State Parliamentary Inquires, Australian Human Rights Commission and National Disability Insurance Scheme consultations.

If there is an issue or topic related to living with epilepsy that you think requires action please contact Epilepsy Action Australia


Epilepsy Action Australia provides a consultancy service to businesses and organisations that provide services to or work with people living with epilepsy. Consultancy may take the form of review of epilepsy related policies and procedures, advise on accessing relevant products and services to support people living with epilepsy and provision of work place accommodations.

Contact Epilepsy Action Australia today to discuss your needs