Self Management

Self management describes the way that people control their own health condition such as epilepsy – what they actually do to manage their seizures and changes they can make in their life to minimise the impact of seizures.

Self management does not mean that people treat themselves! Far from it – it is team-work between health professionals, caregivers, families, and you. Everyone works together. This approach means that no one is going to tell you what to do, but will put you and your family first and recommend the best care approach. It means you are involved in your own health care, and can take some control over things, which can be very empowering.

What influences self management?

  • Your confidence in your abilities
  • How happy you are with your treatment – tailoring treatment to suit you
  • Your communication with doctors and health care providers
  • How much support you have from family and friends
  • Your emotional well-being or mood
  • Stigma – other people’s reactions to your epilepsy
  • If you feel in control or not