Talking About it

Because the teenage years are all about fitting in, it can be hard to feel different around friends and classmates. It’s tempting to keep your epilepsy a secret. Sometimes, though, trying to hide a condition can cause its own troubles and sometimes it just isn’t possible if your seizures aren’t controlled. You might be surprised how accepting people can be if you talk about it.

When talking to friends about your epilepsy, getting ‘the balance right’ is important, give people the right amount of information to understand it enough, but don’t make a big deal of it.

Keep it in perspective. It’s easy for epilepsy to become the main focus of your life — especially as you first learn about and start dealing with the condition. Many people find that reminding themselves that their condition is only a part of who they are, can help put things back in perspective. Keeping up with friends, activities, and everyday things helps a lot.

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