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Have you been diagnosed with epilepsy? Are you wondering how having epilepsy will affect your life? How your friends will react? Whether you can follow your dreams?

Epilepsy is a health condition, it is not a lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue your dreams and enjoy life just like your friends.

Often the most important issues for people with epilepsy of all ages are the social ones. Although doctors talk mostly about seizures, medications and results of tests, you may have different worries and you are not alone.

Many people with epilepsy want to know:

  1. How to tell friends and family about epilepsy
  2. How to deal with having a seizure in public
  3. Will seizures make it harder to study, get or keep a job?
  4. How will it affect my social life: partying, relationships, getting married and having kids?
  5. How will it affect getting a driver’s license?

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