Epilepsy, Sex And Fertility

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Epilepsy, sex and fertility

It is natural at this age to have questions about relationships, sex, contraception, sexuality or even basic questions as to when to talk about epilepsy with a potential partner.

Do hormones affect seizures?

There is an active relationship between hormones, brain function, and seizures.

Changes in seizures may be seen – possibly as a result of hormonal influences on brain function, or from changes in the body’s requirements for antiepileptic medication. For someone who has epilepsy, the physical changes can happen so quickly that the dose of antiepileptic medication which worked previously may no longer be the right amount.

This is a good time to have antiepileptic medication reviewed to see if the dose needs to be changed.

Puberty is a time when seizures may start, increase, decrease or even stop. Some types of epilepsy are grown out of, whilst other types may be first diagnosed.

Hormones and Seizures