Understanding What You’ve Got

So often people get diagnosed with epilepsy when they are young, and as adults, they still don’t fully understand their condition. Parents often assume that their teen knows all about it because they have been living with epilepsy for a long time. They simply have often not thought to sit down and explain the ins and outs of epilepsy just assuming their teen understands.

Often people are diagnosed in a hospital setting after a major seizure, and many people are still in a haze trying to listen to the doctor explain “This is what’s going on, and this is why you have to take this medicine….” The person will have no memory of the event and little memory of what the doctor has said.

If this sounds like your situation, find out from your specialist the exact type of epilepsy you have and information about your medications. Contact an epilepsy organisation like Epilepsy Action Australia.

If you have a question about your epilepsy how about asking an epilepsy nurse here:
[email protected]