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The reactions of other people to your seizures or epilepsy can affect how you feel about yourself and your condition. It is often more powerful than the physical effects of epilepsy. How others might react can also affect whether you talk to friends and family about your epilepsy.

Often parents say they have difficulty accepting the fact that their child has epilepsy. Parents often struggle seeing their kids unwell because they want to prevent anything bad from happening to them; it’s natural for them to feel this way. Some parents feel upset or guilty or think they’ve failed you; others may get angry about how unfair it seems. Some parents may also feel helpless as they cannot predict and therefore prevent a seizure from happening.

This can lead to some parents being very protective, to the point of becoming unintentionally overprotective and restrictive. On the other hand, other parents may be more encouraging in letting their children have increasing independence as they mature. It’s all very individual, and each child-parent relationship is unique. Many families will seek out support groups to help them understand and deal with the reality.

It’s a matter of finding a balance, and talking to your parents if you feel they are being too overprotective, or not being supportive enough.


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“General ignorance about epilepsy sometimes explains why people don’t know how to behave or react – it’s mostly not because they are deliberately mean. Ignorance can cause fear and if people knew more about epilepsy, they would probably deal with it better.”


“Generally, people are surprised when I say “Oh yes, I have epilepsy” “Oh really?” That sort of thing. …If you’re happy enough to tell somebody about it and you show confidence about your own epilepsy take control of it, it’s mine and any opinion you have about it isn’t any consequence to me. Then people will pick up on that.”


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