Setting goals and planning

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  • Show your child a sample of the finished product so they know what they are aiming for – the teacher may be able to provide a sample.
  • Use a rubric so your child knows what is expected.
  • Teach your child to break down the activity into simple steps that can form short term goals.
  • Each step or goal needs to be specific and measurable – the child should know when they have met the goal e.g. ‘write a good story’ is not measurable compared with ‘write 3 sentences about 2 characters’.
  • Help your child to sequence the steps they must follow to get to their goal. Write the steps down in order and have your child tick them off when they are completed.
  • Develop a calendar or a timesheet that shows which day each step must be done or how long each step should take.
  • Help your child prioritise which are the important pieces of information in what they have read – use highlighters to mark the main points. Also prioritise which steps are critical and which they could leave if they run out of time.