Informing others

It is recommended that your child’s school be made aware of the epilepsy diagnosis and relevant staff undertake training in seizure management and seizure management planning.

Equipping teachers and ancillary staff with the skills and information they need to help your child stay safe means your child can participate and enjoy all school has to offer. Contact us if you would like assistance from Epilepsy Action Australia in educating your child’s school staff.

You may choose, however not to inform the child’s peers. When your child is old enough they should be involved in the discussion and decision about how and when to tell their classmates.

It is also important to consider that if their epilepsy is considered a secret your child may form the impression that it is something to be ashamed of. This may have consequences on their self-esteem.

Click on the video to hear from psychologist Dr Maria Kangas, Program Director Masters of Psychology Macquarie University Australia, about the potential impact on a child when epilepsy is not spoken about.

Weighing Up Disclosure