Visual perception

Visual perception is the brain’s ability to make sense of what the eyes see. It is not related to whether you have full visual acuity or need glasses.

If your child struggles with visual perception they may have difficulties with:

  • Telling letters apart such as ‘p’ and ‘q’, ‘b’ and ‘d’
  • Finding their place on the page when reading or writing
  • Ordering letters in a word
  • Copying from the board to their paper
  • Spacing between words and paragraphs when writing
  • Correcting errors in their writing
  • Recognising a letter is the same in their work book, on the computer screen and in different fonts
  • Blocking out visual distractions such as movement in the classroom or pictures on a page when trying to read
  • Finding items on a cluttered desk or in their schoolbag

Click on the video to hear from Dr Chapparo about visual perception and early literacy.

Visual perception and literacy



What can I do to help my child with visual perception?