Depending on the age of siblings, their response to the epilepsy will vary. It can range from:

  • Concern they can catch or also get epilepsy
  • Fear for their sibling’s safety and life
  • Embarrassment of their sibling with epilepsy or worry they will have a seizure in front of their friends
  • Resentment about the extra time parents may spend with the child (going to appointments etc) or that their sibling ‘gets away with things’
  • Sense of protectiveness
  • Worry for their sibling’s future

Click on the videos to hear from Eddy and Jemma about growing up with a sibling with epilepsy.

Eddy talks about jealousy

Eddy talks about bullying

Jemma remembers her sister’s first seizure

Jemma talks about her sibling being bullied

Looking after yourselves as a couple