Epilepsy Toolkit

Self-management tools put you in control.

My Epilepsy Diary is a personal electronic diary to help you keep track of your epilepsy – putting you in control of your information and helping you keep an accurate account of your seizures, triggers and medications.

The Epilepsy Well Being Map is a tool to help you to prepare for consultations with your health care team, so that you can help them understand how living with epilepsy impacts you.

Online seizure management planning tools are individually tailored plans of action intended to help people with epilepsy and any relevant people to have the confidence to know what to do in the event of a seizure.

Epilepsy Essentials is a one hour introductory online course providing the essential information on recognising seizures, providing seizure first aid and observing and documenting seizure activity. It’s run through Epilepsy Action’s Online Academy.

Smart Watch is an easy to use, non-invasive wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts connected family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive, irregular shaking motion.