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Emergency Medication

- Dr Kate Riney

Occasionally, people with epilepsy can experience prolonged seizures or clusters. When a person has demonstrated capacity to have these seizures, clients are prescribed emergency medication to be administered.

Missed Medication

- Dr Dan McLaughlin

Dr Dan McLaughlin talks about the importance of taking medications and how it can improve seizure control. He also talks about what should you do if you have missed your medication.

Planning Pregnancy

- Ass Prof Cecilie Lander

Having a baby is a monumental joy. It’s also scary, exhausting, distressing and a cause for seemingly boundless new anxieties. When you’re a woman with epilepsy, the additional layer of practical considerations and worries can make it very daunting indeed. Professor Cecilie Lander discusses some of the things that people with epilepsy need to consider when planning a pregnancy.

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- Ass Prof Cecilie Lander

Are you preparing to travel overseas – what do you need to know when travelling overseas?People with epilepsy can travel including overseas and should be encouraged to do so. Travelling enhances independence and self reliance. Like all travellers, planning is important.


- Dr Dan McLaughlin

A lack of sleep can affect us in many ways, difficulty focusing our attention, irritability and for people with epilepsy it can impact seizure control. Dr Dan McLaughlin, a neurologist specialising in epilepsy speaks today about the importance of sleep in people with epilepsy.