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Alcohol & Epilepsy

- Dr Andrew Bleasel

During the Easter period, you may be wondering how a tipple may affect your seizure control. Dr Andrew Bleasel, Epileptologist speaks about drinking with epilepsy.

Anxiety & Depression

- Dr Dan McLaughlin

Anxiety and depression are quite common in the general community, you may wonder how common it is in people with epilepsy. Dr Dan McLaughlin discusses these and many other issues.

Assessing Memory

- Dr Laurie Miller

Dr Laurie Miller talks about the pro’s and con’s of neuropsychological assessments and how to access limited services.

Babysitting & Epilepsy

- Dr Kate Riney

With the holidays upon us there will be times when you may want to have a babysitter watch over your children, including your child with epilepsy. Dr Kate Riney, Paediatric Neurologist speaks about preparing the babysitter to deal with seizures.

Brain Imaging

- Dr Dan McLaughlin

Do you know the difference between SPECT, PET, MRI & CT’s? Dr Dan McLaughlin talks about the value of these tests in evaluating epilepsy.