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Knowing about risks means you can take action again them.

In summary, the most steps you can take to reduce seizure related risks, injury or death are:


Get the best seizure control possible.

  1. Take your medication as prescribed
  2. Speak to your doctor if you are not happy with your current medication or side effects
  3. Regular reviews with your doctor

Be involved in self management

  1. Avoid any known seizure triggers for you
  2. Avoid drinking too much alcohol
  3. Know when your seizures are most likely to occur
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Be healthy
  6. Manage stress

Make sure those close to you know what to do in case of a seizure

Go through the SUDEP and Safety Checklist with your doctor to help determine your risk.

The resources below may also help you live well with your epilepsy:

Brochures and Books – information for families and health professionals

Safety Devices – information about devices and tools available to support people with epilepsy

Clinical Information and Guidelines for Epilepsy – information for clinicians about how to diagnose, treat and manage epilepsy

Other Supports – should you have specific questions in between visits to your clinician


Every October 23rd Epilepsy Action Australia and epilepsy organisations across the world come together to raise awareness of epilepsy risks, and how to take action to reduce them. Check out the SUDEP Action Day resources and find out about the next campaign.