The new campaign to reach thousands of Australians with drug resistant epilepsy that fall through the treatment gap

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  • Media Title: LivaNova Media Release
  • Media Type: Online
  • Publish Date: 19 March 2024
  • Headline: A new campaign focused on helping Australians living with drug-resistant epilepsy to better understand available treatment options and access them sooner was launched today.
  • Abstract:A new campaign, “Mind the Treatment Gap,” has been launched to address the alarming treatment gap faced by Australians living with drug-resistant epilepsy. Statistics reveal that approximately one in three Australians diagnosed with epilepsy have not achieved seizure freedom despite trying multiple antiseizure medications. Globally, over 80% of eligible individuals with drug-resistant epilepsy do not receive alternative treatments, exacerbating the issue.

    The campaign, initiated in Melbourne on March 19, 2024, aims to educate healthcare professionals and patients about alternative treatment pathways beyond antiseizure medications. Supported by leading health experts and advocacy groups, it sheds light on the stark reality of referral and treatment gaps in drug-resistant epilepsy care.

    Drug-resistant epilepsy is characterised by inadequate response to at least two antiseizure medications, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive evaluation and alternative treatments. However, only 40% of affected individuals have undergone thorough evaluation, leaving a significant referral gap.

    The campaign advocates for early referrals to comprehensive epilepsy centres, where alternative treatment options such as epilepsy surgery and neurostimulation are available. Carol Ireland, CEO of Epilepsy Action Australia, emphasizes the importance of early referrals to bridge the treatment gap and improve the quality of life for those with complex epilepsy.

    Dr. Michael Fong, an Epilepsy Neurologist, underscores the low utilization of alternative treatments and the lengthy referral process, necessitating timely discussions on closing the treatment gap. Despite advancements in antiseizure medications, seizure freedom rates have plateaued, highlighting the crucial role of alternative therapies.

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