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RELEASE DATE 1st September 2020

It’s all about you in SELF CARE SEPTEMBER, as Epilepsy Action Australia launches an essential new wellness initiative Epilepsy Action Australia’s new month-long initiative SELF CARE SEPTEMBER has a life-changing message: it makes sense to put yourself first.

SELF CARE SEPTEMBER encourages all Australians to look after themselves better by joining four weekly interactive programmes led by celebrities and thought leaders throughout September.

The programmes, led by purple Wiggle Lachy Gillespie, yoga gurus Malinda Hayward and Katy Graczer, educator Luke Eisenhuth and social enterprise leader Dr Jayne Meyer-Tucker, focus on four wellness pillars: Physical Health, Nutrition, Mental Health and Taking Time Out.

SELF CARE SEPTEMBER is Epilepsy Action Australia’s response to the challenges of an unprecedented year, and the increased mental and physical hardship for many. Step aside Dry July – this is the new wellness month in town, bringing a focus on overall wellbeing that’s never been more essential.

“This year has seen a dramatic increase in stress, and here at Epilepsy Action Australia we have seen this firsthand, with the demand on our services greater than ever,” says Carol Ireland, CEO of Epilepsy Action Australia. She adds: “Self care is a huge priority right now, not only for those living with epilepsy, but for all of us. SELF CARE SEPTEMBER will focus on several topics to help people identify areas where they may need to look after themselves better.”

SELF CARE SEPTEMBER emphasises that there’s nothing selfish about putting yourself first, adds Ireland. “To help others, you need to be in your own best mental and physical health. There’s truth in the old adage: ‘you can’t drink from an empty cup.’”

EAA ambassador Lachy Wiggle agrees. ‘I’m so pleased to be a part of this great initiative – a month that’s all about self care, which everyone needs now more than ever. To be be able to help in any way right now, especially for any child out there that has been doing it tough, and to give them a little me time and put a smile on their face, for me that’s what Self Care September’s all about,” he says.

In the first week of SELF CARE SEPTEMBER, EAA Ambassadors Malinda Hayward and Luke Eisenhuth will lead physical health programmes. Hayward is an acclaimed yoga teacher living with epilepsy, and Eisenhuth, a leading educator, has a serious, and very rare, form of epilepsy called Landau KleffnerSyndrome. Despite the challenges of this condition, which affects all spheres of his cognitive, emotional and social development, Eisenhuth is one of the most respected voices in his field. The third session will be led by Katy Graczer, a sought-after yoga and breathwork teacher who travels the world studying her practice.

SELF CARE SEPTEMBER’s week two nutrition programme will be exploring the importance of nourishing the soul and will involve a surprise guest.

Week three of SELF CARE SEPTEMBER will see social justice champion and Epilepsy Action Australia ambassador Jayne Meyer-Tucker focus on mental health, discussing tools and skills to manage uncertainty. Having lived with epilepsy while forging an impressive career in social enterprise, Meyer-Tucker can share extensive knowledge on resilience and mental wellness.

SELF CARE SEPTEMBER will conclude with Time Out week. In today’s high-pressure society, taking breaks for yourself is crucial at every stage of life, and one of our sessions sees EAA Ambassador Lachy from the Wiggles sharing a special video with a good ol’ sing along exclusively for children. With many still in lockdown, it’s certain to be a delightful circuit breaker for little ones and their families.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in SELF CARE SEPTEMBER’s calendar of live???? online talks, exclusive video sand resources. Be sure to check out Epilepsy Action Australia’s Facebook page where the program will be rolled out with sessions scheduled weekly. To see further details head to the website

We are encouraging people to get involved, and to support Epilepsy Action Australia via a donation, to maintain the services that are so critical to Australians living with epilepsy right now in these difficult times.