PRESS RELEASE: From Outrage to relief, as TikTok releases new feature to avoid seizure triggers

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RELEASE DATE: 26 November 2020

Epilepsy Action Australia is delighted that TikTok have announced a new feature to avoid triggering seizures. TikTok personally wrote to the CEO, Carol Ireland, of Epilepsy Action Australia to advise that they are making TikTok more accessible for people with photosentive epilepsy.

This new feature was bought after Epilepsy Action Australia drew media attention to TikTok’s sick seizure trend, back in April 2020.

Carol Ireland called on TikTok to clamp down on abhorrent clips and called on TikTok for better management of the platform and guidelines to be in place for people with epilepsy.

Having engaged, A Current Affair, Sky news, Channel 10 and Seven to demand TikTok make a change to the horrifying trend earlier in the year, TikTok have created a new feature that will mean people with epilepsy can now enjoy the platform too.

This news of the latest feature will allow all viewers to ‘skip all’ photosensitive content for the future and is the change we wanted to see, and now hope for the rest of the platforms will follow-suit.

For people with photosensitive epilepsy worldwide this will mean they can happily use this platform. Carol Ireland, CEO, Epilepsy Action Australia says ‘We often still have many writing to us, about film trailers, or a music video, that still doesn’t display the warning at the beginning of flashing lights. I hope this is the start and we see more warnings now in place.’

Carol Ireland personally wanted to thank TikTok, for listening, and contacting Epilepsy Action Australia to make this change so people with epilepsy can continue to enjoy TikTok.

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