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Submitted by Linda McGlone

Jyotsana describes herself as motivated and determined, consistently striving towards goals in her life not only as an athlete, but also in her previous work as an interior architect. In 2016, she decided to follow another goal and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science specialising in osteopathic medicine at Victoria University. Over the years Jyotsana has competed in triathlon and ironman events, and in 2014 was selected to represent Australia at the ITU World Championship Long Course Triathlon in Weihai, China. Jyotsana has recently embarked on some overseas cycling trips to Europe, New Zealand, Mauritius and Vietnam, where she’s travelled solo with just a backpack on her back. Whilst juggling university with a pretty strict training regime, Jyotsana enjoys squeezing in time for family and friends, and some of Melbourne’s finest art, design and food!