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Our world has changed so much in the space of a few months and it has been extremely challenging for organisations like Epilepsy Action Australia. I wish that I was bringing you better news but unfortunately, COVID-19 has hit us hard in many ways, and we are struggling to make ends meet, to keep our vital services going for those who need them. Significant losses in our fundraising, decreasing numbers of donations, and no community events during restrictions is still impacting us on a day to day basis. We have had to make some hard decisions already, and there will be more challenges to come.

I want to thank and acknowledge our supporters who responded to my recent call to keep our nurses on the front line, helping people with epilepsy through the extra hardships created by COVID-19. This crisis is not over.

But we are not powerless, none of us are. Throughout this pandemic we have shown that in adversity lies opportunity. This is humanity’s chance to do better, be better and, in our case … really make a difference to people living with epilepsy. Any donation you make today, no matter how small, will have a big impact on the people we serve. It will allow our nurses to keep doing their great work in supporting families and our continued investment and expansion in critical epilepsy research for the future, which has life changing impact.

Please read our latest appeal below and if you can please give generously.


Throughout this crisis, we have all been learning how to live with constant uncertainty. There is some comfort in knowing that the pandemic will be over one day. But for the people we support, uncertainty is actually a permanent state. Their worry and stress have no end-date, because epilepsy is lifelong. People affected by it never know when the next seizure will hit. Any minute they could suddenly find themselves in the throes of a new emergency, dealing with an injury from a fall during a seizure, and facing another traumatic and upsetting hospital stay.

The sad truth is that people with epilepsy are still struggling, and at Epilepsy Action we’re still struggling too. We are being pushed to the limit trying to meet people’s increased needs with significantly less income because normal fundraising events aren’t being held.

Please consider making another gift to help us keep our doors open and continue critical services, but I also want to talk about the future – support for research to improve life with epilepsy.

Just as vaccine research is our ticket out of the COVID-19 crisis, epilepsy research provides hope for many that one day they will experience a life free from the disabling and unpredictable impact of seizures. Answers and support are desperately needed by families living with the daily impact of epilepsy. With your donation now, we can continue to support a range of ongoing and new studies. What we find out, will help us to help them.

Graham Cowley is one person who has generously donated towards pioneering epilepsy research. Like you, Graham is a valued supporter of Epilepsy Action Australia. He’s also intimately aware of the many problems people with epilepsy can suffer each and every day of their lives.

“Epilepsy Action is a charity that’s dear to my heart because I have suffered from epilepsy and I know how
debilitating and horrible it can be,” he says.

“I know what a terrible disease it is.”

“Anything that can be done to relieve that hardship is something that I strongly support.”

“I mean, epilepsy can ruin your whole life, and little kids can have 30 seizures a day for the rest of their lives.
No-one should have to put up with that form of illness if it can be treated. Great leaps have been made in helping kids in particular with epilepsy, but a lot more needs to be done.”

Your help now can change things!

The successes of our social and physical distancing during the past few months have shown us that one person’s actions can positively impact the collective health of our community.

In the same way, each person who gives to epilepsy research helps all those living with it.

Your generosity has real power to improve many lives and I’m so grateful for your caring help. If you can, please give people with epilepsy the opportunity of better lives by supporting research today.

With thanks,

Carol Ireland
CEO & Managing Director