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New Leadership for the Board of Epilepsy Action Australia

There has been a ‘changing of the guard’, but unwavering commitment and resolve continues for pursuit of optimal outcomes for those living with epilepsy

Following its Annual General Meeting last month, the Board of Epilepsy Action Australia has selected a new leader as Chair of its Board of Directors.

Susan Price has resigned from the Board after nine years of dedicated service, the last five serving as Chair.  During her tenure Susan provided astute leadership and wise counsel to the Board and Carol Ireland, CEO of the organisation. Working closely alongside Carol, Susan stewarded Epilepsy Action Australia through significant achievements as well as unprecedented challenging times.

Carol Ireland says that Susan’s tenure coincided with a strategic planning cycle of the organisation that saw innovations and achievements in national service delivery, despite a global pandemic and associated financial crisis. Last year the organisation celebrated seventy years of services for people affected by epilepsy across Australia, with consumer satisfaction of clients and healthcare providers with Epilepsy Action Australia’s services consistently scoring 95% or more.

The Chair has been passed to Erica Siu-Gregan who joined the Board of Epilepsy Action Australia in May 2019, and has held the role of Deputy Chair since May 2020.

Erica has worked in the hospitality industry for around 30 years and brings both a business and personal perspective to Epilepsy Action Australia. When her son Max developed epilepsy at age three, she established the George Gregan Foundation to raise much needed funds to support research into childhood epilepsy and to design and build outdoor interactive playgrounds at children’s hospitals throughout Australia.  In addition to her business acumen, Erica’s skill set includes fundraising, event planning and developing key partnerships.

“Our Board has determined that now is the time for review and renewal, and so we have increased its size and capability,” Erica says. “We look forward to 2024 when we will review our strategic direction with a view to making the best possible contribution to improving quality of life and health outcomes for people living with epilepsy.”

About Epilepsy Action Australia

Epilepsy Action Australia exists to ultimately save and improve the lives of those affected by epilepsy. Epilepsy Action Australia delivers innovative services that increase understanding, raise awareness, develop skills, and leverage research to enhance the lives of those living with the condition.

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