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Ask an Expert Series with LivaNova

Medication Resistant Epilepsy

Listen to Professor Patrick Kwan answering some of your questions about medication resistant epilepsy. Ask an Expert. Many thanks to LivaNova for making our Ask an Expert series possible.

Medication Resistant Epilepsy – Management

Listen to Professor Terry O’Brien answering some of your questions about treatments of medication resistant epilepsy.  Many thanks to LivaNova for making our Ask an Expert series possible.

Surgery for epilepsy

Listen to Neurosurgeon Erica Jacobson answering some of your questions about surgery for epilepsy. Many thanks to LivaNova for making our Ask an Expert series possible.

Hear From the Experts

Epilepsy Action Australia has produced an extensive series of over 30 short informational videos featuring some of Australia’s leading specialists, including:

  • Epileptologist, Dr Andrew Bleasel
  • Neurologist, Dr Dan McLaughlin
  • Neuropsychologist, Dr Laurie Miller
  • Paediatric Neurologist, Dr Kate Riney
  • Clinical Neurologist and Epileptologist, Associate Professor Cecilie Lander
  • Head of the Epilepsy Program, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Professor Terence John O’Brien.

These esteemed experts discuss a wide range of epilepsy topics of interest and give practical advice on everything from memory issues, diet and sleep, to children’s issues like babysitting and sleepovers.

You can also find these videos and many other Epilepsy Action clips featured on our YouTube channel EpilepsyTV.


Emergency Medication

- Dr Kate Riney

Occasionally, people with epilepsy can experience prolonged or cluster seizures. When a person has shown capacity to have these seizures, they are prescribed emergency medication to be administered to stop the seizures.

Planning Pregnancy

- Ass Prof Cecilie Lander

Having a baby is a monumental joy. It’s also scary, exhausting, distressing and a cause for seemingly boundless new anxieties. When you’re a woman with epilepsy, the additional layer of practical considerations and worries can make it very daunting indeed. Professor Cecilie Lander discusses some of the things that people with epilepsy need to consider when planning a pregnancy.

For further information

Unexpected Pregnancy

- Ass Prof Cecilie Lander

There are times when life takes unexpected turns. Suddenly finding yourself pregnant whilst taking medications for epilepsy can be one of them. Associate Professor Cecilie Lander talks about how to best manage your medications during this time.

Diet Therapies for Epilepsy

- Dr Andrew Bleasel

When medication only is not sufficient to control seizures in difficult epilepsies, complimentary diets can be a viable option. Dr Andrew Bleasel speaks about diet therapies in epilepsy.


- Dr Kate Riney

Parents often ask if epilepsy and seizures will impact their child’s ability to learn. Dr Kate Riney discusses how epilepsy can impact a child’s memory and learning.