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Resources for Teachers and Schools

We’re here to help your school to create an educated, supportive and inclusive environment for students with epilepsy. Here’s the different ways we can assist your school:

If you have questions or would like to talk to us about how we can assist your school please get in touch with us on or 1300 37 45 37.

Managing epilepsy at school

Every child with epilepsy should have a Seizure Management Plan. This plan outlines essential information for anyone who may need to assist someone having a seizure. It includes detailed information specific to the child including safety and supervision needs, medication instructions, seizure management and emergency contacts. Families can create their plan through our online tool.

If the child with epilepsy requires emergency medication you will need to have a Medication Administration Order to provide you with all the information about how to administer any medication – you must also have staff trained in how to do this.

Understanding seizure first aid

Equip your school to understand seizures and what to do to assist someone having a seizure.

Download a Seizure First Aid Poster or a Seizure First Aid Poster – Wheelchair.
Seizure First Aid posters are also available in Chinese and Arabic.

Epilepsy and Learning

The fact that epilepsy can be associated with such wide-ranging learning problems makes it critical that children with epilepsy have the appropriate supports in order to develop to their full potential. To ensure each person with epilepsy has this opportunity, teachers need to understand:

  • The diverse manifestations of epilepsy
  • The specific nature of each individual’s seizures and treatment
  • How epilepsy may affect a person cognitively, emotionally and socially

Download our Epilepsy and Learning Fact Sheet for more information.

Epilepsy Training Courses

Epilepsy Essentials – The course covers information about epilepsy and seizures, including descriptions and videos of different seizure types, as well as seizure first aid and management strategies.

Emergency Medication – You will learn about common emergency medications used for seizures; why it is used; how to manage seizure emergencies; your responsibilities during the process; and how to administer the medication in a safe and timely manner. This includes practical competency assessment of participants in the administration of emergency medication for seizures.

These course can be completed online through our online learning e-modules. For groups, these courses can also be completed via webinar or an onsite session that takes approximately an hour. Email for more information.

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Family and student support

We offer numerous services to support families impacted by epilepsy, from assistance, advice, case management, to advocacy and a wide range of tools and resources to help improve the quality of life for those impacted by epilepsy. Find out more about our services here.

We also have a digital comic book or animated video from Jumo Health, for children aged 8-12 years to provide greater understanding about what is happening in the body for someone with epilepsy in an easy to understand way.


Get in touch with us on or 1300 37 45 37 if you have any questions or would like any more information.