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Since 1952 Epilepsy Action has been here for people with epilepsy however we know there is still much to be done to minimise the impact of epilepsy on children, adults and whole families, and provide opportunities for better lives and futures.

You, your families and loved ones are at the heart of Epilepsy Action. We have been listening to you – on social media, in emails and phone calls, and in surveys. We have heard what you are saying. Together, with clear Priorities, we can build a better future and that’s why we are launching:




We commit to the following:


ROVIDERS: People with epilepsy need better access to specialist health care.  We will develop a range of initiatives to improve access. Our first initiative, supported by the Federal Government is the Epilepsy Nurse Line, launched in June 2019 with real time access to Registered Nurses, seven days a week Australia-wide. We can do more to ensure that people living with epilepsy have the best possible access which is timely and convenient to a range of skilled providers.


REVENTION: We must tackle epilepsy related deaths, especially those resulting from Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), and others that are clearly preventable. We will fund and develop healthcare tools and health care practitioner education to help minimise risk.


OSSIBILITIES: There are numerous antiepileptic medications available, but they don’t work for all people or seizure types, and sometimes their side effects are intolerable. We will support research and advocate for new accessible and affordable treatment options, including the newly emerging area of cannabinoid therapeutics.


Simple Sign-up Process:

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  • Give us your Perspective, your opinion in surveys we will send.

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We Promise:

  • We will dedicate our efforts and funds towards Providers, Prevention and Possibilities

  • We will keep you Posted by email on the Progress of the Purple Project

  • We will consult with you on Proposals for any new initiatives in the Purple Project

  • We will respect your Privacy and never give your email address to another party

  • We will commit to Performance and accountability on the Purple Project

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