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The years between 16-23 include so many changes such as finishing school, finding a job, thinking about relationships, driving and alcohol. It can be a hard for anyone but when you also have epilepsy there can be extra challenges. This is also a time when you need to start being more independent in managing your epilepsy and moving into adult health services. To support young people through this period we have resources specifically designed for young people with epilepsy. Take a look at the links below.  


Oz Youth Beyond Epilepsy is our youth Facebook group. This is a great place to connect, share experiences and support each other. With weekly topics and competitions. this is a fun and safe space where you can be comfortable to ask anything.






This online resource covers topics such as dating, depression, study and work and includes videos of young Australians with epilepsy discussing their personal experiences.






This series of vodcast episodes incudes young people with epilepsy telling their story on all sorts of topics such as relationships, employment, travel and more.






A seizure management plan is a key document outlining what to look for and what to do, for your seizures. Having this plan readily available – for example at school or work – can lessen the impact of seizures, reduce injuries and improve seizures management.





Adolescence is often a time of taking more risks, exploring, resisting and experimenting. A common issue that comes up is parties and alcohol. Alcohol and seizures don’t mix well so it is wise to know about the risks. There are also other risks that you can reduce by making some lifestyle changes.




As you move from child to adult services you need to become more independent in managing your epilepsy. This includes understanding seizures and epilepsy. This half hour online course will give you the essential information you need. There is a small cost, but if you call us and register as a client you will not be charged for this course.





We have specialist epilepsy nurses available to speak with you about anything related to your epilepsy – there is no question too small! Call us on 1300 37 45 37 or book an appointment. Our nurses can also help you develop a seizure management plan, provide you with education or speak with your GP about a chronic disease management plan.




Many women with epilepsy find their seizures are affected by hormonal changes. The female hormones estrogen and progesterone have a clearly established link with seizures. See our factsheet on Women and Epilepsy for more information.





EAA has Factsheets on a range of topics including Driving, Alcohol, Mental Health, Pregnancy, Employment and more. Click below to browse the topics. If you still have further questions on any topic don’t hesitate to call our specialist epilepsy nurses on 1300 37 45 37 or book an appointment on the website.





EAA Youth Conferences provide the opportunity for young people to get together face to face to hear from guest speakers, participate in workshops and have fun! Due to COVID we have not been able to run conferences for a while, however we have two coming up! They will be in Sydney March 2023 and Newcastle September 2023. If you are interested in attending, please email us at [email protected]