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One of the key goals of Epilepsy Action is to increase awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills about epilepsy.

Our Volunteer Speakers program utilises trained volunteer speakers to promote Epilepsy Action Australia’s (EAA) key services and messages and to raise awareness of epilepsy and EAA activities. Targeting community groups, the presentations are positive in nature and highlight the organisation’s vision “optimal living for people with epilepsy”.

Community education is required to change community misconceptions and raise awareness so people with epilepsy can participate confidently in community life.

Our Volunteer Speakers are individuals with an inspiring story or those who are motivated to make a difference for people impacted epilepsy and they can very effectively disseminate information to the general public by personalising Epilepsy Action Australia’s key messages.

The Speakers Program enables EAA to provide community education and effectively use its finite staff resources for providing specialist support to people with epilepsy and their families, and delivering education programs to professional groups and care providers working with people who are affected by seizures.

Types of presentations include:

Community Groups

Examples are service clubs, sporting clubs, senior groups, schools and business groups wishing to know more about epilepsy and EAA services.

Thank you presentations

Community groups who have raised money for the organisation or who have provided in-kind support may want an EAA representative to pick up a cheque or EAA may require a volunteer speaker to thank the group.

Guest speaker presentations

Speaker volunteers may be used to give “inspirational” talks that are based on personal achievements and EAA key messages.

Each speaker is given training with Epilepsy Action to ensure they are confident in presenting to a range of audiences. This is a great opportunity for people who are passionate about the cause to give back and for people to also grow their public speaking and networking skills. We have numerous speakers around the country of various ages and experiences, and we are always looking for new speakers to join us!

You can also request one of our volunteer speakers for your next function, workplace, school or community event.

For more information contact Fiona on 1300 37 45 37 or use the contact form below.

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