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Epilepsy Awareness Month: Spark Epilepsy Awareness this November

Spark a conversation about Epilepsy this November

This November, for Epilepsy Awareness Month, we are launching the Spark4Epilepsy campaign.

Ignite understanding. End stigma.

Together we can make a difference for people living with epilepsy. This campaign aims to light up our minds with new information and knowledge and open our hearts to help raise awareness about and end the stigma often associated with epilepsy and the misinformation surrounding the condition.

Why static electricity?

The brain is made up of millions of nerve cells called neurons. Just like static electricity causes interesting effects, these neuron brain cells generate electrical impulses and messages to produce thoughts, feelings, sensations, movement, and control body functions. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects more than 250,000 Australians. When there is a temporary disruption of the electrical activity in the brain, a seizure may occur.

Getting involved is easy

There are many ways you can get involved, but the easiest is by simply taking a selfie with your hair standing on end accompanied with our campaign hashtag: #spark4epilepsy

Feel free to tag ‘Epilepsy Action Australia’ and we will reshare to our audience of over 60,000 followers Australia wide to continue to spark epilepsy awareness.

It’s a great way to teach young people about static electricity and get the family involved. You can use a balloon, some wool fabric, a plastic brush, or even the kid’s trampoline. (Tip: Make sure your hair is dry for it to work!)

Help us continue to spread our message beyond November by making a donation, or selecting the donate option (and nominate Epilepsy Action Australia) if you’re uploading your selfie or any of our social media tiles available in our resource area.

How do I make my social media post a donation post?

Follow the instructions below, or watch our short video explanation.

  1. When creating a post on Facebook or Instagram, select the more options button.
  2. Scroll down until your find the Raise money option.
  3. Select Epilepsy Action Australia as your charity.
  4. Then finish creating your post.
    Tip: In your caption, mention Epilepsy Action Australia, include the hashtag #Spark4Epilepsy and don’t forget to include your picture.

Get your workplace involved and encourage your team mates to wear purple or take a pic of your colleagues with their hair standing on end. Alternatively, use any of our resources to spread awareness throughout the month, or create your own co-branded assets with our supplied logos. We have created a range of social media tiles and shared the relevant logos in our resources area.
Please use the campaign hashtag (#spark4epilepsy) when sharing any content on social media and feel free to tag ‘Epilepsy Action Australia’ so we can reshare to our audience of over 60,000 followers Australia wide.
Encourage staff to make a donation, have a fundraising mufti day or morning tea with a gold coin donation, create a donation jar for store counters or reception desks or speak to us about workplace giving programs or dollar matching donations.

Online Training

Are you confident your staff would know what to do if someone had a seizure at your workplace? Speak to our team about arranging online training in our Epilepsy Essentials course. We offer a range of other courses that may be suitable too.

Book online or email our friendly Education team to enquire about bulk bookings and mention the Spark4Epilepsy campaign.

This campaign is a great opportunity to get children involved and learning about static electricity, seizures and to discuss the stigma associated with epilepsy and bullying. We have created a range of age-appropriate resources and a lesson plan on static electricity that can be adapted to suit the age of children from preschool to secondary school age.

To help us to continue to provide these sorts of resources, we would greatly appreciate if your school could use the opportunity to fundraise for our cause with a gold coin donation mufti day, purple day, or silly socks day. The kids love it and it’s a great opportunity to spread awareness for parents about November being Epilepsy Awareness Month so they can spark conversations about epilepsy at home with their children.

Online Training

Are you confident your staff would know what to do if someone had a seizure at your school or centre? Speak to our team about arranging online training in our Epilepsy Essentials course.

Child-friendly training

We also offer free online training for primary school aged children in our Epilepsy Awareness courses.

Our courses for schools are designed as simple and fun activity-based programs to provide basic, practical information about the brain, seizures and epilepsy – and how to manage a seizure when it happens.

Learn more and register here:

For bulk enrolments, contact our education team via email or call 1300 37 45 37.

Become a Certified Seizure Smart School

Every school has a duty of care to provide a safe learning environment, and to ensure they meet the needs of every student.

For students living with epilepsy, the effects of seizures and medications may affect their learning experience adversely. Teachers can help manage and understand the needs of students in their care by developing their knowledge through epilepsy-specific training.


Meet your duty of care to your students with trained and certified staff. Get started here.

Note: Seizure Smart Schools does not extend to pre-schools or childcare centres at this time.

Access our free campaign resources

By filling out the form below, you’ll gain access to a range of resources, including:

  • Educational materials include a classroom lesson plan in PDF and Word format about static electricity with options for adapting to suit various ages from preschool to secondary school students, information fact sheet, seizure first aid materials and videos to help your teachers and students understand and explain epilepsy.
  • Printable information resources
  • Printable seizure first aid posters
  • Various social media tiles with epilepsy facts to share throughout November
  • Profile picture frames for social media that can be easily adapted in Canva
  • Campaign logos that you can use to create your own branded resources.
  • Video resources that can be played in classrooms or shared on social media