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Epilepsy awareness is something we should strive for everyday but especially on March 26th  – Purple Day! Knowledge is power when it comes to understanding and assisting someone with epilepsy. So, this Purple Day, Epilepsy Action Australia has an important message for the public: Please educate yourselves about epilepsy and learn how to assist someone who is having a seizure. There’s no reason to be afraid if you see someone having a seizure; you can help, with just a little knowledge about the condition.

Knowledge is power

We often hear from our clients about their negative experiences after having a seizure in public. This is not surprising – people who have never seen seizures before can panic because they don’t know what is happening or how to help.

And for people with epilepsy, it’s understandable that they are worried and self-conscious about having a seizure in public. Seizures can be unpredictable and the fear of having one can be so bad that some people even avoid going out. They worry what others might think and, when anxiety takes hold, it can make them feel others are judging them in a negative way.

Epilepsy has its challenges, but people living with the condition don’t want to let epilepsy define them or their loved ones. Let’s be there to support them by spreading some awareness.

Purple Power

This year marks the 10th anniversary of this international day for epilepsy. Purple Day started in 2008 when young Cassidy Megan, motivated by her own struggles with epilepsy, created this idea of a global grassroots effort to raise epilepsy awareness. We just love getting involved and seeing so much purple across Australia! Every year gets bigger and better than the last in raising awareness of the condition and funds to do more.

I know that the meaning of Purple Day is different for different people. But at the same time, we can all share the power of knowledge and in doing so raise more awareness and hopefully reduce fear and stereotypes in the community.

With thanks

I take this opportunity to personally thank all of our supporters who have already started raising much needed awareness and funds. Your dedication to this day is unwavering and we are always excited to see photos and share your stories.

To our Purple Day sponsors and product supporters: Hall & Melia Accountants, NPFulfilment in memory of Tom Arapovic, Brooks, Converse, Crayola, Castle Towers and Westfield Hornsby, we thank you for getting involved and playing your part in epilepsy awareness!

Get Involved

This year we have two competitions running:

We have lots of new merchandise in our online store, which is open 365 days of the year!

  • Get your t-shirts and caps
  • We have Converse shoe packs available (these have been very popular!)
  • Or maybe a new key-ring is more your style

So however you like to celebrate Purple Day: hosting an event, going on a fun run, wearing purple, making a donation, buying some merchandise, or even just talking about the condition, please remember that every little bit counts in spreading the word about epilepsy.

Happy Purple Day to all.

P.S Funds raised by Epilepsy Action for Purple Day will go towards more education programs for the community. It’s never too late to get involved, so check it out here.