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The ‘Key’ to Self-Management

MyEpilepsyKey, which is now available Australia-wide, contains comprehensive information and access to special resources for people impacted by epilepsy.

This resource was specifically designed for different audiences including parents, youth, adults and health professionals.

It includes:

  • learning modules and factsheets about the condition, treatment options and seizure first aid
  • information and access to support networks, online groups, financial assistance and helpful apps
  • practical resources like an electronic seizure diary and a tool to develop a personal seizure management plan…and much more.

MyEpilepsyKey has also been developed to honour cricketing legend and commentator Tony Greig who had epilepsy and served as a Director of Epilepsy Action Australia for nearly two decades until his passing in 2012. The use of the word ‘key’ represents how he would welcome us to another summer of cricket by jamming his hotel key into the ground for his iconic pitch report.

This valuable resource is helping people to self-manage their condition improving their independence and quality of life, while reducing the stress and anxiety commonly associated with having epilepsy.

Click here to access MyEpilepsyKey.