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  • I/We have read Epilepsy Action Australia’s Fundraising Guidelines and I/we agree to conduct my/our fundraising activity/event in accordance with these guidelines and in a manner which upholds the integrity, principles and values of Epilepsy Action Australia.
  • I/We acknowledge that I/we am in proper physical and mental condition to organise and conduct the fundraising activity/event and have considered and voluntarily agree to any and all risks associated with conducting the event.
  • I/We understand that I/we cannot make a claim against Epilepsy Action Australia nor can Epilepsy Action Australia and all its staff be held responsible for, any damage, loss or injury incurred as a direct or indirect result of the fundraising activity/event outlined in this agreement.
  • I/We understand that any images sent to Epilepsy Action Australia or posted publicly to any Epilepsy Action Australia social media channel from my/our fundraising activity/event may be used for promotional purposes by Epilepsy Action Australia.