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Art for Epilepsy had over 180 artworks from over 160 artists from across Australia and raised over $50,000!

That’s more than $80,000 raised in the past 2 years!

If you’re an artist looking to donate a piece of art for our 2018 auction, or if you would like to be added to our list to be notified about the auction, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

In 2017 all visual art disciplines are covered including photography. Each piece contains the colour/shade purple, the internationally recognised colour for epilepsy.

The auction opened online on Valentine’s Day (14th February), St. Valentine was the patron saint of epilepsy, and closed out on Purple Day (26th March) at 9pm AEDT. Almost $140,000 worth of art has been donated to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy!

We are delighted to have had the following artists take part:

 Adele Bevacqua  Ingrid Bowen  Mia Oatley
 Aditi Sengupta  Ingrid Clare  Michael Jurss
 Amy Wright  Irene Matejka  Michael Weitnauer
 Angela Miller  Isla Patterson  Michele Luminato
 Ani Ipradjian  Jacquelyn Stephens  Michelle Endersby
 Anita Bentley  Jacqui Doran  Mikki Campbell
 Ann Rayment  James Ainslie  Miranda Russell
 Anna Lehmann  James Kellock  Nicky Kriss
 Anna Mc  Jane Downing  Nicole Foxall
 Anna Warren  Janette Newman  Nora Hosking
 Anne-Maree Wise  Jaqueline Burgess  Olivia R. Sadry
 Annette Spinks  Jase Dale  Pascale Rajek
 Annie Everingham  Jasmine Ann Dixon  Paul Kirk
 Avalyn Doyle  Jemma Calavassy  Rachel Bainbridge
 Barbara Kitallides  Jennifer Gowen  RANNA
 Bec Monique  Jennifer Lia  Renuka Fernando
 Belinda Nadwie  Jess Racklyeft  Robert C Withers
 Bernadette Trela  Jessica Harris  Rosemary Williamson
 Bozena Wiszniewski  Joanne Duffy  Ruchi Rai
 Brenda Mangalore  Julie Cane  Rusty White
 Britt Merrylees  Kansas  Sally West
 Carmen Hui  Karen Allen  Sam Holt
 Casey Freeman  Karen Michael  Samantha Iurada
 Cat Lee  Kari Henriksen  Sara Deane
 Catherine Hiller  Karin Cutler  Sarah Mufford
 Chelsea Hopkins-Allan  Katerina Apale  Saretta Fielding
 Chloe Planinsek  Katherine Heald  Sarina Diakos
 Christine Scurr  Katherine Marmaras  Shana Danon
 Claire Cavanna  Kathy Karas  Shona Hutchings
 Claire Wee  Kerry Armstrong  Sinead Kelly
 Claudia Gillies  Kerry Wembridge Ziernicki  Sonia Ward
 Coleen English-Thomas  Kim Spiteri (Zonkt)  Stacey Mrmacovski
 Deb McNaughton  Kirsten Jackson  Strongsoutherly
 Debra Sutton  Kristine Lubinski  Stuart Cole
 Dee Ryan  Laura White  Susan Curtin
 Di Smith  Leah Doeland  Susan Northcott
 Donna Louise Fletcher  Leah Pirone  Tamara Armstrong
 Donna Pinter  Leanne Simpson  Tane Ozlu
 Eerik Owerhall  Leigh Hooker  Tanya Sinha
 Elaine Green  Leticia Maguire  Therese Lavender
 Ella Krestensen  Loraine Callow  Trent Caldwell
 Emily Persson  Lorie May  Valentina Maxwell-Tansley
 Emma Louise Ball  Louise Kent  Vanessa Ashcroft
 Erin Katherine Cookson  Madeline Young  Vanessa Encarnacao (apple core living)
 Felicia Aroney  Maria Al Zoubi  Vanessa Mae
 Fiona Kate Chandler  Marie Schlederer  Vanessa Stockard
 Freya Powell  Marina Rolfe  Vaughan Nicol
 Gabby Malpas  Marnie McKnight  Victoria Fitzgerald
 Gabrielle Jones  Marnie Ross  VonnyK
 Georgie Daphne  Marta Blaszak  Wayne Winter
 Haruyo Morita  Martina Roos  Wyatt Art
 Hayley Mischief Lord  Meghan Kingsford  Yelena Patishman
 Heylie Morris  Mellissa Read-Devine  Yvonne Hegarty
 Hollie Martin


Stay tuned for the 2018 auction!

Please contact us using the form below if you would like to be added to our notification list for 2018 or if you’re an artist who would like to take part.

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