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Are you worried about seizures, fainting spells or blackouts?

Seizures can be sporadic, unpredictable and sometimes difficult to diagnose or determine if they are actually seizures, making diagnosis difficult in some cases, especially in young children where it is difficult to get a quality EEG recording. Getting a diagnosis of epilepsy can take some time and involve several repeated electroencephalograms (EEG’s).

Sometimes an accurate diagnosis may require several days in hospital with video-EEG monitoring simply waiting for seizures to occur. It’s uncomfortable, inconvenient, has a long wait-list and is costly to the medical system. Seer medical have developed an “at home” video-EEG-ECG service.

Seer Medical

If you think you or your child may be experiencing episodes that may be seizures, fainting spells or blackouts, Seer’s “at-home” brain and heart monitoring service can help you get the right diagnosis and enable you to take control of your life. Seer offer bulk-billed, at home long term video EEG-ECG monitoring.

Seer monitor people just like you, all across Australia, every day. People who suffer undiagnosed episodes, people who want to confirm a recent diagnosis and people with epilepsy who want to explore their medication options.

How it works

Seer’s “at-home” week-long video EEG-ECG monitoring service is for diagnosing unexplained or unpredictable events, testing the effectiveness of medications, or establishing whether people with epilepsy are safe to drive.

Who benefits?

Episodes that may be monitored can include seizures, fainting / syncope, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, panic attacks, unusual sleep related episodes, narcolepsy, sudden collapse, transient ischemic attack, migraine and other sporadic conditions.

People who particularly benefit include people:
• who live in rural / regional areas;
• who are unlikely to commit to a stay in hospital;
• with a psychiatric / behavioural co-morbidity (e.g. depression, anxiety);
• with an addiction (cigarettes, alcohol etc);
• from a non-English-speaking background or with English as a second language;
• that require care or assistance such as elderly patients, disabled patients or patients with other special needs;
• who are transitioning to adult hospital;
• who are single parents;
• with pets.

How do I get a booking?

1. All you need is a referral from your doctor.
2. Following a referral, you will be contacted by the Seer team to confirm an appointment for fitting the monitoring system at a Seer clinic.
3. Seer provide instructions on what to expect and how to prepare, via email or by post.
4. Appointments to fit the monitoring system take approximately one hour.
5. You then return home for monitoring where we record ambulatory video EEG-ECG for 7 days (maximum 10 days).
6. You use an App to report any episodes of interest.
7. At the end of the monitoring period, you will return to the Seer clinic, where they remove the equipment. This appointment typically takes half an hour.
8. The data is then analysed and a diagnostic report is prepared.
9. The data is interpreted and concluded by highly-regarded neurologists and cardiologists.

The testing is fully bulk-billed, so you have no out-of-pocket expenses with a valid Medicare card. We are also a pre-approved TAC provider if you have a TAC claim.

Seer now has clinics across metro and rural areas in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, WA and TAS. For any questions about clinic locations please call Seer on 1300 869 888

For more about this service
Call Seer on 1300 869 888 or email [email protected] 

Website: https://www.seermedical.com/