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We often get asked about monitors and alarms that can help alert carers or family that a seizure is happening. There are countless products on the market that can help people with seizures or their families feel more comfortable about safety.

Please note that monitors, alarms and safety products don’t guarantee safety or detection of all seizures, but they can provide peace of mind for some people.

There are many different types and brands and this list is not exhaustive or in any particular order. Other options are available.

Some of the equipment here may seem quite expensive for you to be able to purchase yourself. It may be possible to purchase some equipment with NDIS funding or we can help you set up a GoFundMe page.

Medical ID, Smart Watches and bracelets

Clever Dux Wristbands https://www.cleverdux.com/shop/

Developed by childcare workers and teachers, there is a selection of wristbands for many occasions. The ‘See & Save’ wristbands for $8, give you peace of mind that anyone who looks after your child has the best chance to confidently identify your child’s medical condition. This leads to confident carer’s who can more accurately monitor them throughout the day and then deliver timely first aid if necessary, which in turn leads to happy healthy children and stress free parenting.

Embrace Watch. Monitors seizures, sleep and physical activity https://www.empatica.com/product-embrace

More people with epilepsy die of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy than of house fires every year. But every home has a smoke detector. Some people with epilepsy may benefit from a device that alerts people close by so that they can promptly help when needed.

The Embrace watch is linked to the wearer’s mobile device with a Bluetooth connection. Its method for seizure detection based on multiple kinds of physiological data sensed from the wrist. This connection allows the information to be analysed and unusual events such as seizures can be detected. The Alert app will be automatically activated when an event is detected by the Embrace watch. The App will send an alert notification to caregivers, through an automated call and SMS, one after the other to communicate the alert and ask if they can help. They only need a mobile phone to receive these notifications, a smartphone is not necessarily required.

Talk to your doctor or epilepsy nurse about which device may suit your type of seizures and lifestyle?

To receive 8% off the purchase price of the Empatica Embrace, please apply the following code at checkout: EpAcAU19 https://www.empatica.com/embrace-watch-technology

There are a number of alternative brand smart watches available.

Tap2Tag. Medical wristbands, ID and GPS https://www.tap2tag.me/shop.html

Tap2Tag devices offer life-saving information on a tap, where you can choose medical information to share with first-responders. They use wireless technology to allow paramedics and other health professionals get access to your medical information quickly and efficiently. It can also be used with any device that has access to the internet, anywhere in the world.  It’s durable, colourful and there is a large selection of modern looking wristbands, medical ID cards of key rings to choose from at affordable prices.


There are also a number of different apps available, mostly free of charge, to record, monitor and detect seizures, and alert others. Depending on what you require, there is most likely an app to suit your needs. Search “epilepsy apps” or “seizure apps” to find a selection.

Monitoring temperature

FeverMates https://www.mediband.com/au/fevermates-259

This innovative fever indicator allows you to visually monitor your children’s temperature up to 48 hours with NO FUSS. Fast, safe and effective, easy to use and hypo-allergenic and latex-Free.

The convenient, fuss free stick-on fever and temperature indicators that allow you to continuously monitor your children’s fever or temperature for up to 48 hours at a glance.

Makes reading temperature easy and fuss-free with easy-to-read clear numbers that display up when your child’s temperature is reached.  Reading thermometers is hard and kids often don’t like the thermometer in their mouth or under their arm-pit.  Works with adults too!

FeverMates donate 20% to Epilepsy Action Australia

Nikki G’s Temperature Control Clothing® http://nikkigs.com.au/

Assists children and adults with neurological conditions balance their own body temperature. The clothing has proactive temperature regulating technology which continuously balances temperature changes day and night, reducing overheating and temperature swings.  There are many alternative products on the market but they do not match the same temperature control qualities.

The founder, Perth based Sue Gay, developed the idea of producing temperature control clothing whilst caring for her little girl Nikki  who had a neurological condition, and great difficulty controlling her body temperature.

Monitors and alarms for bed

Epi Assist http://www.epiassist.com.au/Home

Epi Assist offer four different types of seizure safety monitors and alarms. The sensors can detect falls and seizures which can then contact. This company has an Australian based office and offer full client support.

Epi Assist are suppliers of the Emfit Seizure Monitor, Safe-Bed Exit Sensor (Emfit), Life Minder and the eAlert phone.

Emfit Seizure Monitor https://www.emfit.com/seizure-muscle-contraction-monitor

The Emfit MM is clinically proven technology for monitoring someone who may experience faster, abnormal muscle jerks for 10 seconds or longer during sleep, detecting tonic-clonic seizures during sleep. It has a quick, high-frequency alert which allows a caregiver or family member ample time to respond. Its easy to install, and no false alarms.

The unit has two main components: a flexible and durable bed sensor placed under the mattress and a bed-side monitor. It detects when a person has continuous faster movements over a pre-set amount of time and then triggers a notification alarm. The system also notices light movements, thus making it equally suitable for small children.

Life Minder http://www.lifeminder.com.au/

The Life Minder automatically detects falls and contacts pre-programmed numbers sending ‘Falls Alert’ SMS and GPS location using Google maps, and enables hands-free two-way conversation. This feature can vital for some people living with epilepsy. The activation depends on the height and angle of the fall, if a beep is not heard there is an SOS button that can be pressed.

It is water resistant (IP67) and can be worn in the shower.

It is quite compact, able to fit in the palm of your hand, so can be attached to a belt, a neck cord or clipped onto a key ring. It operates like a standard mobile phone, without the confusing extras and requires the SIM card to be in credit to enable communication. It operates on the 3G – GSM network which covers 98.5% of the Australian population.

DCT Vigil Aide http://www.dctassociates.com.au/

This is an Australian company who have developed a battery powered alarm unit which detects vibrations when people are having a tonic-clonic seizure. It has a vibration detector attached to the bed and an alarm unit activated by radio signal. There are no wires or long cables.

The unit has a built in time delay, meaning that the vibrations must be maintained for a minimum of four seconds before the alarm is activated allowing a person to move without activating the alarm. A tilt switch is also available to allow daytime use of the alarm.

The alarm can be purchased outright or can be rented over a 12 month or 24 month period with a residual at the end of the rental period.

This can also be purchased from the Independent Living Centres

SAMi™ Sleep Activity Monitor https://www.samialert.com/faq/

For someone who has seizures during sleep, SAMi™ is a sleep activity monitor for anyone (caregivers and individuals) who needs to watch carefully for unusual movements at night. During sleep, audio-video information from a remote infrared video camera is sent to an app that runs on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPod Touch. The SAMi app records and analyses the video for unusual activity. When an unusual event is detected, it sounds an alarm and records live audio and video from the SAMi network camera. Within seconds, the individual or caregiver can take any necessary action.

Baby monitors

Sometimes specialty equipment isn’t what you need and a simple wireless baby monitor, so you can hear sound from your child or loved ones bedroom, is all that is needed. Some of these monitors offer video as well.

There are numerous baby monitors on the market. Do a bit of research and buy one that has decent reviews and quality sound projection.

Owlet http://www.owletcare.com/HOME/

This is a more specialised baby monitor which comes in the form of a sock. Using clinically-proven technology the Owlet Smart Sock tracks the heart rate and oxygen levels in babies and notifies parents in real-time if something appears to be wrong. It has a range of up to 30 metres and uses an innovative fabric sock to ensure a comfortable fit and accurate readings.

Figure 1 https://www.owletcare.com/smart-sock-2/


The Independent living centre http://ilcaustralia.org.au/products/search?q=seizures Stocks many products and safety based devices.

Go to our Products page for more information on useful epilepsy merchandise. https://www.epilepsy.org.au/how-we-can-help/epilepsy-products/