Regular Giving Donation

Become a committed giver

You can join a community of committed Action Partners and Research Advocates who each month help improve the lives of those with epilepsy and their families through a regular donation.

Making a monthly donation is one of the best ways to support our vital work. Our valuable regular givers provide an ongoing and reliable income stream that assists us in effectively and accurately planning and providing our comprehensive services. It also means we can reach increased numbers of people nationwide and significantly reduce our administration costs so more funds can be directed to those who need our help.

You will benefit from knowing you are making a real difference to the lives of individuals in need of support and care, and will be kept regularly up-to-date on how your ongoing donation is being used.

By committing to a manageable monthly donation, you will help us provide a life-impacting change to the many babies, children, teenagers, adults and elderly who live each day with the challenges of epilepsy.

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Monthly Giving is Quick and Easy

Each month we will automatically deduct your nominated amount from your credit card or bank account. You can increase, decrease or cancel your donation at any time by contacting us or your bank. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and we will send you an annual tax receipt each July.