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Epilepsy Action Australia is a major supporter and partner of the Australian Pregnancy Register (APR).

APR is seeking women with epilepsy, or other women taking antiseizure medications, who are pregnant or have recently given birth, to help us understand the effects of these medications on the mother and developing baby during pregnancy.

If you, in the last 20 months:

  • took an antiseizure medication during pregnancy for any reason, or
  • have epilepsy and did not take medications during pregnancy, or
  • took antiseizure medications during pregnancy and experienced an alternative pregnancy outcome, or
  • have epilepsy, did not take medications during pregnancy and experienced an alternative pregnancy outcome,

we would appreciate you participating in this research study and sharing your experience.

Please fill in your details below and a research nurse from the Australian Pregnancy Register will contact you within one week

Privacy and confidentiality – your details will be automatically forwarded to the Australian Pregnancy Register as a referral from Epilepsy Action Australia. This information will not be shared with any third parties nor used for any other purpose. Please see the Epilepsy Action Australia Privacy Policy.

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