Seizure Management Planning

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Having a plan for seizures

There is often the need to have a more formalised plan in place if a seizure may occur outside the home environment such as at school or in the workplace. These are often referred to as seizure management plans (SMP).

A seizure management plan (SMP) is a document providing essential information to anyone who may be in a position to assist someone having a seizure – whether that be family, friends, carers, teachers, colleagues or other involved professionals.

They are a practical tool that can be used by all caregivers in all settings to manage seizures and seizure emergencies, treatments and safety.  This will help to minimise both the impact of seizures on the person’s daily life and the risk of injury in the event of a seizure.

A Seizure Management Plan is to ensure the right people know what to do when a seizure happens. They give everyone a clear direction and peace of mind.

If you also need an emergency medication plan we can assist with this as well and offer the necessary training.

Our online SMP is for individual use. It enables you to add the information and make changes at your convenience, and it will create a printable version and cover letter once complete. (You will not be able to save as a pdf)

To start an online seizure management plan click here

You will need to initially register as an EAA client, then go to the SMP page and create a login to begin.

If you are having difficulties following the steps, you will find further instructions here.

OR if you would prefer to go through it with a Epilepsy Nurse Educator contact us on [email protected] or 1300 37 45 37